Goal, Goals the Magical Fruit

“Is s/he goal oriented?” I asked? “I’m not sure if she knows how to follow through”



            Oh whoops, did you just catch us talking about your friend? It seems we all know someone who seem like they’ve never heard of a plan by the way they live: day to day, no vision of the future, without a promise for a real career, still living with family, messy house. Maybe they don’t care…. Maybe they’re lazy? Perhaps… But, what if they just don’t know?


So, here we go, lets highlight the fundamentals of a good plan and goal. 


1)   Write it down. A good plan can happen without this step, but seeing it on paper, having something tangible to reference back to after a week, month or year can help you stay accountable. An example is a checklist, they’re great when its time to make something off because you finished it. Its gives you momentum! A checklist can work for doing things around the house, getting out of dept, learning new things, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and loosing weight by a certain day (ex: 1lb a week). The other thing you should write down is HOW you’re going to get those things done. If I have a list of home repairs that need done I can write something like, “save $50 a weeks to the house” and actually do it.

2)    Think, “Is this realistic?” Lets not set ourselves up for failure, okay? If my goal is to start getting more sleep and my son’s soccer practice starts at 6:30 three nights a week I need to be realistic that I’m not going to have myself in bed by 9:30 if everyone is going to be fed and showered. We need to be pragmatic, look at what’s on our plate and which of those daily activities are the most important and which ones get in the way with a goal.

3)   Are your goals measurable? In two weeks can you tell in you have gotten closer to your goal? If not, lets get back to number one where we write down how to get there. It’s that ‘how’ that makes the necessary actions measurable. You must be able to see your progress. 




 Now, one of the most important things here is, that the goals you write down must be YOURS. An adaptive is one that your wife wants you to do, an organization’s deadline or a friend’s request, and that’s not what we’re talking about. The only way to begin and continue is to make sure they’re yours and you own it.