In this era of high unemployment, you must be resourceful in order to make enough money to get by. Here's a way that you can make a good living without any formal education and requiring no great skill set. Plus, you'll be working for yourself. Wash windows!
 Yes, washing windows in residential areas can indeed be lucrative, and generate an income of $200 to $400 per day.

Things You Will Need

Window washing liquids

Step 1

Here's how the pricing works out. Window washers usually charge $5 to $6 per window, plus an additional $20 to clean the window tracks. A typical 2 story home has 20 or more windows. So, with 20 windows to wash, you could charge $100 to $120, plus $20 more for the window tracks. If you work alone, one house may take 3-4 hours, so you could easily wash the windows of two homes a day. In this case, you would make at least $240 per day.

Step 2

Now, you can do more homes in a day if you get a helper. You can pay your helper by the hour or by the day. With a helper, you can most likely wash the windows of four homes in a day. Your income would be around $480, minus what you pay your helper. If you pay him $100, you net around $380 per day. Not too bad for a job you created for yourself.

Step 3

Your only out of pocket costs for a given job are travel and inexpensive supplies. Of course, there will be one time costs for squeegees, buckets, towels, ladders, etc. Also, you don't need a specialized vehicle, but it will have to carry a ladder. An ordinary pickup truck or a van will do the job. Plus, you will be able to deduct some of your vehicle expenses and supplies from your income taxes. In order to get work, you'll need to advertise your services. Distributing flyers in nice neighborhoods is inexpensive and effective. If people have a gardener, they are quite likely to want their windows clean, so make note of who employs a gardener. The PennySaver and Craig's list are other ways to get the word out about your services. But that's it - you can be your own boss and make a good living with a minimal start-up cost.

Tips & Warnings

You may need a license - check with local authorities.

Getting Bonded and purchasing liability insurance may also be necessary.

Consult a tax professional to determine all the expenses that you can deduct from your tax return.