Be Prepared for your next Fashion Emergency

As a female, you could probably picture this scenario: you’ve spent time to carefully get ready for a big date with your hair done, fresh manicure and pedicure, the perfect new dress, pantyhose and sexy party shoes, the perfect accessories and you look fabulous! Then, on the way to the event, you snag your pantyhose or hem, your bra strap busts or you break a nail or another fashion emergency that almost inevitably happens. No need to panic if you have a mini survival kit with you!

Fashion emergencies can happen at the worst possible moments such as on the way to dinner or a party or even at the dinner or party. A fashion emergency doesn’t have to ruin your whole day or evening if you are prepared with a few basic essentials that can alleviate almost any problem that happens by creating your own mini survival kit that you can carry along with you in your handbag. Once you have one of these kits, you’ll never leave home without it and may also find it makes a great gift for your best friend, sister or mom.

It only takes an afternoon to organize all your fashion emergency items, find the perfect cosmetic bag for everything and keep it with you at all times. You’ll really be glad to have it.


What should be included in your Mini Survival Kit for those fashion emergencies?

  • Nail polish for touchups or to keep a pantyhose snag from running further (provided the snag is well hidden)
  • Nail glue for any broken or chipped nails
  • Safety pins
  • Fashion tape to repair hems, to hide or repair bra straps or to hold a wrap dress in place or a scarf
  • Extra earring backs
  • Travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Travel sized deodorant
  • Purse sized perfume
  • Breath mints
  • Travel pack of Kleenex
  • Lip gloss or lip stick
  • Travel sized hair spray
  • Finishing powder for makeup touch ups
  • Small makeup mirror
  • Hair clips or hair pins
  • Travel sized hand lotion
  • Mini emery board or nail file
  • Band aids
  • Tampon or mini pad
  • Travel sized nail clippers
  • Mini tweezers
  • Your own personal items you may need


Find the perfect sized cosmetic bag that will fit into all your favorite handbags so that your emergency supplies will always be at the ready. Simply organize everything so that each item is easy to find and transfer this mini survival kit for fashion emergencies into any purse or even gym bag you are wearing or keep it in your glove box of your car.

You’ll never know when you need any of the items but, you’ll be so glad that you took a little time to put one together for yourself and all your friends as a super surprise gift! I found one I like online at and it’s small enough to fit into handbags and large enough that I could personalize it with items that were not included. Good luck getting organized and prevent all those future fashion emergencies forever.

Mini Emergency Kit for Fashion

Any wardrobe malfunction gets a quick fix!

Fashion Emergency Survival Kit
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Most popular times for a fashion emergency

Prom - of course when you least expect it on a most important date of your life, Prom fashion emergencies can and do arise. Be prepared just in case.

First date - you always want to make a great first impression and this is no time for anything to go wrong with your outfit, hose, shoes and having a few emergency supplies can save the date.

Anniversary date - whether you're celebrating a first date anniversary, wedding date or any other special anniversary you want to be at your best.

Class Reunion - you haven't seen those classmates for years and finally decided to go, not the right time for your hem to come out, your hose to tear, shoes to rip... you get the picture.

Wedding Day - probably the most important fashion day of your life so being prepared will lessen the chances of having a fashion emergency. Fashion tape will come in super handy for any of these important dates, we never know when we'll need them and always hope we won't and are super glad to have them when needed!

Fashion Tape

good for lots of wardrobe malfunctions!

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I have these strips and they're great for hems on dresses, skirts or slacks, to use directly on breasts for see through clothing and a quick fix for a bra strap. Keep them handy on your next important date.