Faux Panels Wall Siding

Stone Wall Siding Options

Faux panelsCredit: fauxpanels.com

If you are planning to redecorate or remodel your home or office and wish to have a natural-looking stone wall effect, it is now very possible and easily achievable.  Stone panel walls add an elegant feel to any room especially if you choose the complimenting design of stone panels.

The look and feel of rocks and stones are realistic; thus, fauxpanels provide an excellent solution for house siding, adding a great look to a living room, bathroom or an outdoor deck or patio. 

What Are Faux Panels?

Fauxpanels are low-cost alternatives to real wood, brick, or stone siding.  Home owners and builders favor its easy-to-install and maintenance-free quality.  The realistic quality of the panelings is achieved from cast molding of the actual matrerials such as rock, stone, wood, or brick.  This way, every natural detail is intact.

Home owners could use fauxpanels to evenly enhance the design both interior or exterior spaces because these panels are designed mainly for outdoor use but are also beautiful to use indoors.

Available in various sizes and stone forms, these faux panels can also work well with many accessories if you wish to.  In fact, to create a more realistic look of natural elements some of these panels are even carefully hand-painted

Benefits of Using Faux Panels

Although these panels have a robust look of natural stone or wood, fauxpanels are lightweight -- about 4 lbs for each 2' x 4' panel, which can easily be carried and sawed according to the desired shape.  Fastening and drilling is not a burden, too.  The interlocking designs make for ease of installation in both indoor and outdoor settings.  This gives homeowners a lot of savings in terms of paid labor and time. 

They are available in different sizes and stone configurations and can be complemented with a number of accessories. These fauxpanels are carefully hand-painted to further increase the look of natural elements.  Aside from its great looks, fauxpanels are not affected by intense heat, cold, moisture or insects.  It is resistant to mildew, fading and cracking; and can be easily cleaned using soap and water. 

Some homeowners use faux panels for fireplace areas.  However, additional measures have to be made.  In this case, the manufacturers have created Class A fire rating for more protection.

Because of this innovation in home building materials, remodeling and paneling became a lot easier for designers, architects, builders, and even DIY home enthusiasts.