Are you sick of the same old theme in your home? Looking to express your personality by not decorating your home in the classic themes like country, modern, or western? Have you ever considered a jungle themed home? Probably not, but a jungle or a safari themed home can be perfect those who can go against the traditional models of home decorating and are not afraid to stand out. This article is meant to give you the options of decorating your home in non traditional way.

While our site maybe dedicated to jungle bedding and decorating a bedroom to obtain a jungle feel, we thought an article about decorating an entire home would be nice. For the purpose of this article we will use safari theme and jungle theme interchangeably even though they maybe a bit different, but close enough for this article.

The safari theme is inspired by the twentieth century African landscape. This theme includes wild and exotic animals, and landscapes that can not be found in any other part of the world. Designs inspired by this African jungle can be both exotic and elegant. Colors used in a safari or jungle theme are light and dark earthy colors like browns, greens, and greys. Fabrics used throughout the home should be khaki colors, leathers, and animal prints. Furniture should be made from wood or wrought iron. Flooring in the home should be hardwood, while it can also be dressed up with faux fur rugs or hides.

Green jungle colors look splendid on window treatments, Using the greens near windows will bring the outside inside. You can also find many curtains in animal prints like leopard print curtains. Animal prints and dark shades of green can also be used around the lighting or lamps.

Wall colors should be painted an earthy color or wood paneling can be used. Wall hangings can also tie the rooms theme together. Try paintings of safari landscapes or paintings of wild African animals. A leopard print rug or animal hide can also make for an interesting wall hanging. Animal figurines can also be placed strategically around the room, wood carvings of African animals work the best.

If you think that a jungle theme is just too much for your home you may want to just decorate one room of the house with this theme. Most common areas of the home to have a jungle theme are bedrooms, and dens.