Starting a fan page or a business page on Facebook is something that many people do. Everybody from tiny little blogs to international Corporations such as the Coca Cola company have Facebook pages. What sets apart a successful Facebook page is a page that gets a lot of likes, comments, followers, and reposts. Here are some tips to help you to make you Fanpage much more successful.

Funny Pictures


Whip out your Photoshop and create some funny pictures. If you don't have Photoshop there is always the use GIMP. 

Political Commentary

Regardless of whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Texan, this strategy will work to help make your posts go more viral. Find a quote from a politician, a comment below a political article, or something your politically charged father said. Take the quote you choose and post it with a related picture. This works best for political based fanbook pages but can also work with a number of adaption’s to suit your needs.


Pay to Play

If you do not have many fans then you may need to jump start the viral aspect of the campaign. Post you funny image or other image that has  the potential to go viral and then use Facebook Ads to promote the post. This will help to get more likes, shares, and followers of your Facebook Fanpage. If you do this correctly with good content then you can build up many followers. The more followers you have then the easier it is too get more followers. Once you have a tone of followers you can easily post a good picture and get it to go viral on Facebook without spending a single dime.


It is vital that if you got a fanpage that you make it with fun, interesting, informative, or all the above. If you have a stupid fan page that is posting stupid pictures that are stupid and interesting then you are stupid and will not make money. If on the other hand you post stupid pictures and people enjoy your stupid pictures then you can get many followers.