Eyelet curtains are available in so many different colors and materials that you may find it difficult to settle on just one pair. Since they are not only economical, but also very easy to change, you may decide to purchase a set for each season. This lets you make an instant change in the décor of your room to match your mood and the time of year.

For example, during the summer months, you might like to create a sunny, light feeling in your bedroom. For this you may want to choose eyelet lace curtains or a style in another sheer fabric. White or pastel colors are excellent choices for these types of drapes. When winter arrives, you can easily change them out for a fully lined style that will help block chilly drafts.

In the living room, you can use an ecru drape with simple borders or stripes to match your décor during spring and summer months. As the leaves begin to turn, you can change to lined eyelet curtains or a darker shade that may eyelet curtains (28073)help absorb additional heat from the limited sunlight. Imitation silk drapes can be a good choice for this time of year. For winter, you could use fabrics such as velveteen or suede cloth to make the room feel cozier and more welcoming for all who enter.

Your kitchen curtains are likely to be both narrow and short café style, which translates into a very low cost. You could purchase or make several pair to match your mood. For instance, you might choose a set in festive green or red for the holidays, a pastel pair for spring, or a frilly, lacy pair for the lazy days of summer. Eyelet kitchen curtains, like those for other rooms, are easy to change. If you use tension rods to hang them, even your initial installation will take only a minute or two.

You can also change the look of your window treatments by attaching the eyelets with hooks rather than threading the pole through the grommets. This is similar to how most shower curtains are hung. You can find hooks that are as simple or ornate as you would like. They eliminate the need to remove the rod from its brackets when it is time for a change, since all you need to do is open the hooks, remove the drape, and then snap the hooks back into place on the replacement. Whichever method you choose to hang your curtains with eyelets, the pole or rod can be an attractive addition to your window treatments.

Eyelet curtains slide more easily along the pole than rod pocket styles. They are less likely to snag when opening or closing them. This lets you adjust them as often as you like over the course of the day. When you add convenience to their variety and affordability, you may discover that they are the perfect style for every room in your home.