If you need to create a will, Quicken WillMaker Plus can make life a lot easier and cheaper.

When sickness or death strikes it's too late to think about having a Power of Attorney, a Living Trust, or a Will.

Those things and more, depending on your situation and the situation of your family, need to be in place well before tragedy strikes.

The Quicken WillMaker Plus program can help you to create a will quickly, easily and right from home.

Create a Will - Quicken WillMaker Plus ReviewYou don't have to hire an expensive attorney to draft the legal documents included in WillMaker Plus.

The Will that you leave behind will tell those left behind what to do with your estate and not having one can plunge families into feuds and turmoil very quickly. This will protect your assets as well as your family.

And should sickness or an accident be the culprit, having a Living Trust to designate someone you trust to make the decision to prolong your life through artificial means will help to keep that burden off of your entire family.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney will put someone close to you in charge of your healthcare decisions should you become unable to make them in the future. Knowing these documents have been put in place to protect your future and that your family knows of your wishes can put your mind at ease and help you to live life to its fullest in the here and now.

This program can even create documents such as a Financial Power of Attorney, Personal Finance Documents, and Home & Family Documents very simply with WillMaker Plus. With ease, you can have your family legally protected in any situation, and that kind of protection can be invaluable in an emergency.

Family loans can be written up legally to protect both parties down the road, and so can childcare authorizations when hiring a babysitter. There is so much that this program can do.

Product Features:
  • Create Wills, Living Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Executor Documents, Personal Finance Documents, and Home & Family Documents quickly and easily
  • Create everyday documents such as authorizations, agreements, promissory notes, child and elder care forms
  • Step-by-step interview process that tailors every document to your exact needs
  • State-specific automatic customization
  • Comprehensive onscreen legal manual
  • Free book download upon registration of the software
  • Retail price: $49.99 , Amazon price: $24.49

For everyday documents or for preparing for the future, this software is a legal tool that will help every household to arrange their finances, create a will, set up agreements, put final wishes in order, and more.

Be smart and prepare quickly and easily with Quicken WillMaker Plus. You won't regret it.

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