The allure and charm of vintage bathrooms is something that never goes out of style for long, just like home spas will always be popular, so vintage bathrooms. Wouldn't it be nice to have a classic vintage look with a modern spa style bathroom? If you love the classic charm of vintage but also want the modern amenities of a spa then you may want to create a beautiful vintage bathroom spa.

Vintage bathrooms have a classic elegance to them, while modern spa bathrooms offer relaxing comfort. Vintage bathrooms like spa bathrooms can be dark or light colors. If your bathroom is small then you may want to create your retreat with bright colors. Bright colors make small bathrooms look bigger. If your bathroom is small light blue is a good choice. Light blue floors, and light blue tiles on the walls can create a calming feeling in the bathroom. Bright colors also make a great way to start to the day.

Bathrooms with plenty of space look nice in light colors. Dark colors will be perfect for those days when you come home and want to soak in the tub for a relaxing bath after a long day at work. The dark colors will sooth your mind of the hassles from the day.

Vintage spa bathrooms should have both a vintage look and a spa look. For this reason you want a classic clawfoot tub and a glass shower with a massage shower faucet. This way you get classic and comfort together in the bathroom.

The lighting in the room should be bright. Skylights will make great choices for your lights. They work really well if you decide to decorate your bathroom with dark colors. Skylights will help keep the room bright.

The sink should look classic. Pedestal sinks go great with this combination. You can put temperature readers on your faucets to control the water temperature. This is how you can make your bathroom sink both luxurious and classic.

One thing you should remember when decorating your spa bathroom is that less is more. You want the room to look spacious. You should look online to find a few décor items that you like and put them on display in your bathroom. The right décor items will help you create a beautiful vintage bathroom spa. A round bowel with stones, a tall skinny vase with flowers can help make your bathroom a spa.