Xmas Presents

Gift baskets are fairly easy to make and are the ideal Xmas present for that special person in your life, and the final result can be truly stunning. First decide on what theme your gift will be based on depending on who the gift is for ...... for example if it is for someone that likes flowers than adorn your basket with the most beautiful set of flowers you can find with a range of colors.

Having a different variety of baskets is your starting point, you may come across baskets that catch your eye from your local second hand shop or even one that may be lying around the house, as long as it's in good condition you can transform it into something beautiful.

Other basic supplies you will need are small boxed gifts that will be placed into your basket but as i said before it depends on the theme of your gift. You will also need filler, cellophane wrap, and a variety of ribbons and bows and adornments, and let's not forget gift cards. Once you have all the necessary things, lay your items out on a table so everything is at hand and organized. Once you ave done this and everything is prepared you can then begin the task of making your gift basket .

Full the bottom of the basket with a filler such as crumpled up paper or even tissue paper, this is to raise the base of the basket on which you will place your gifts, place your gifts on top of the filler and if need be fill in any spaces. Now place the tallest item in the center and place the next items around it in terms the next shortest... so that their facing towards the outer edge of the basket.. You want to make the basket looking balanced from all angles.

Use more filler to secure the items, but if need be you may have to anchor items with skewers, or double sided tape. Clear cellophane can be used to wrap the basket by placing the gift basket inside the bag, gather at the top pull together and tie with a ribbon or bow, and there you have it your very own home made Xmas present. This is great if you want to save a little money as well , all the items are relatively low in cost and can be purchased from most retail and craft outlets.