In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to make a nifty reflection effect in Adobe Photoshop that can be used for websites, forum signatures, desktop publishing, and just about anything else that requires a smooth modern appearance.

Things You Will Need

Adobe Photoshop, an Imagination

Step 1

Creating an image with a black background First off, let's create a new image that is 800 pixels by 400 pixels at 72 DPI resolution. Let's make the background color black so use the paint bucket tool (keyboard shortcut "G") and paint the canvass black.

Step 2

Creating orange text to use for reflection effect Now, we'll want to grab and image or create some text that we want to make the reflection effect for. In the case of this tutorial, I'm going to type in the text: "Info Barrel Rocks". So select the Horizontal Type Tool (keyboard shortcut "T") and choose your favorite font. Using the color #ff9000 type in "Info Barrel Rocks".

Step 3

Duplicating the text layer and transforming it for the reflection effect Now that we have finished typing what we wanted, we will want to duplicate the text layer which we'll use to create the reflection effect. To duplicate the layer, go to the top of the screen, select Layer -> Duplicate Layer. After we have duplicated the layer we will want to transform (CTRL-T) the layer and change the height percentage to -100% which will flip the layer on a horizontal axis.

Step 4

The finished image using a layer mask With the flipped layer, we will now want to reposition the text so that it touches the bottom of the original up-right text. Once we have done that we are going to want to apply a layer mask to the flipped layer. At the top of the screen, select Layer -> Layer Mask -> Hide All. Now, use the gradient tool (left click and hold the paint bucket icon in the tool bar and select "Gradient Tool").

Now, using a downward stroke, create a gradient to make the text reappear. The top of stroke will be where the image will be most clear and it will fade out to black where you stop the stroke. So for our reflection, we're going to want to start in the middle of the up-right text and stop where the half-way point would be in the duplicated flipped text.
And there you have an awesome reflection effect that has been really popular on a lot of modern websites and logos. Very simple, yet looks very very cool.

Tips & Warnings

The only thing you need to complete this tutorial is have basic operational knowledge of Photoshop.