Create an online business using fiverr
Credit: Good4businesses

On with the show then!

This is my first article here at Infobarrel and I wanted this to be a good one and what better way to start than by helping you (or showing you) how we can create an online business from scratch using's services. For this article we will create a social marketing business, why? because right now social marketing is still booming and businesses need to be involved and plus i thought it would be a good idea to start with something we all know a bit about. Here we go then! Oh and just so you know that this is fictional, I just want to show you how affordable it is and how easy it would be to start your own outsourcing business.

Day one: You will need a name for the website and a logo design, let's go with "SocialM". Now head on over to and get it done. I always try to use top rated sellers, this way im gonna get something good, the logo is an important part so pick someone who has great reviews.

Day two: OK, we need a website. This might be a little tricky to find someone to build a website like this BUT it's we can get anything done here. Head over to fiverr and find a top rated seller or close to it that will help you out. You may have to install paypal buttons but his is an easy task to do as paypal give the code etc, all you need to do is choose where to put it.

Day three: You may have to wait a couple of day here in between for the site. You can do other things here like set up your social networks, try to complete a plan of attack, The plan of attack is basically how your going to generate business, it doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just something simple enough to follow.

Day four:  Ok so we now have our logo design done, our website ready and a plan of attack in place, this is a great start because you have a plan of attack ready and you're not even ready to go yet.

Day five:  Ok this is the most important task, you need to pick some Fiverr super sellers here, or at least top rated sellers for the services you want to offer on your site. Let's go with Facebook likes, Facebook subscribers and Twitter followers, press releases and article writing. Ok the latter two are not socialm but they can certainly help with social marketing. Ok so now we need to define some prices. The prices are based on paying $5 for the service from fiverr, you may pay more with which you would just increase your percent.

  1. Facebook likes - 1,000 genuine likes on facebook Price: $14.99 cost to you ($5).
  2. Facebook subscribers - 200 Facebook subscribers Price: $9.99 cost to you ($5).
  3. Press release - One 400-500 word press release Price: $14.99 cost to you ($5).
  4. Article writing - One 400-500 word article Price: $9.99 cost to you ($5).

Day six:Launch your new business. Obviously it may take a few days longer than 6, i had a friend who set something similar up and he was up 'n' ready within 8 days, he's margins were similar to the one's above and his plan of attack was social.

This article is not a get rich quick scam or nothing near to it, this is basically just a great way you can leverage the amazing services offered on As you can see the margins are good, well very good and all you do is outsource the work.

I hope this has helped some of you and inspired you to maybe have a go yourself and see if you can earn a little extra income.

Good luck, oh and any questions then please feel free to ask.