Christmas Stocking Full of LoveSo you may be thinking Christmas stockings are only for kids right? Wrong! Who wouldn't love to wake up Christmas morning to a stocking that is overflowing with Christmas candy and little gifts. Remember it's often the best gift's that come in those small packages. So now the question is what gift's to put in that stocking to make it absolutely perfect for that special someone! If you have decided to make a Christmas stocking for your loved one this year here is your ultimate step-by-step guide to making a great Christmas stocking that your significant other is sure to adore!

1) The Christmas Stocking- Make sure your significant other has a stocking to stuff. If you are married chances are your wife has got this covered. If not you'll need to run out and get one. You can find Christmas stockings at almost any retail store. Wal-Mart, Target, even your local drug store or grocery store will start putting them out after Halloween, if not sooner. Make sure you put some thought into choosing the stocking. You don't want to just grab the first stocking you see, try to go beyond the traditional felt with fluff stocking, think about which stocking he or she may really like. Your spouse will appreciate the thought that went into it!

2) Candy- Now this is the easiest part. You can pick up Christmas candy when you pick up the stocking as you will be able to find it at the same places that sell Christmas stockings. You'll need a few different items 1 or 2 small bags of bulk candy like Hershey's Kisses, etc.. something small that can fit down at the bottom or fill in empty little pockets. You will also need a few larger items. Chocolates or candies that come in boxes, Something cute that can stick out of the top of the stocking and look nice. You can also pick up some candy canes and marshmallow Santa's those are also good space fillers as well.
For a variation on candy you could always find your nearest See's Candy or Ghirardelli and pick up a more personal box of chocolate's. This is a bit more expensive but always a hit!

3) Gifts- Ahh! The fun part! Time to fill up that Christmas stocking with little treasures. There is such a wide variety of gift's that make really great stocking stuffers. I have listed a few idea's in case you need a little help finding gifts that will make that stocking perfect.

Gift Cards
Always a terrific gift and gift cards work especially well for stocking stuffers because they are so small. Gift cards are great because you can customize the choices to your partners liking. You can get gift card's for Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, Disneyland, a Day Spa, Nail Salon, itunes, restaurants, the tanning salon you name it and they likely have a gift card for it. If you cant decide on a specific location to purchase the gift card for there is always the option of getting a general gift card like Amex or Visa. A really good idea is to get smaller amounts at different places, giving your spouse a little bit of everything they love. Or if there is something you know they want at a specific place you could get a larger amount for that particular store.

Lotto Tickets
Lotto tickets are a unique and fun addition that you can add to their Christmas stocking. They look really good too sticking out at the top of the stocking. Try to get the Christmas themed Lotto tickets, they usually sell them close to Christmas and they are really festive.

Magazine Subscription
This is one of the best Christmas stocking ideas! If you don't already know, find out what your significant others favorite magazine is. Car and Driver, People, Cooking Light, etc.. Go to your local bookstore, grocery store, or other retail store where magazines are sold and pick up the December issue of it. Inside will be a subscription card that you can mail in with your payment. Send that off ASAP and keep the magazine to curl up and put in their stocking with a little note letting them know that they will be able to enjoy their favorite magazine all year long!

Movie Tickets/ Concert Tickets
Another great item that can be added to their Christmas stocking is movie or concert tickets. Find out what upcoming musicians are coming to your area and see if any are favorite's of the one you are making the stocking for. In addition the idea of tickets covers many area's beyond movies and concerts you could also look into: Sports tickets, Comedy club tickets, Amusement parks, etc.. Focus on what your loved one likes most and where they would be the most excited about going!

Dvd's/ Book's/ CD's
If your spouse had a few of these items on their wish list, a stocking is the perfect place to put them. You could always wrap one or two and leave one out to give the stocking an exciting look.

Another little way to add to the ultimate Christmas stocking it to add a little something special- jewelry! What a perfect gift, just the right size! If you were looking for the ideal place to put that treasured gift, this is it. Make sure to wrap it, smaller wrapped gifts create an exciting anticipation.

Miscellaneous Items
You could always browse through the dollar section of the stores you'll be shopping at this Christmas for inexpensive space fillers. Here are just a few extra idea's for little gift's that can be added to the above item's to create an all around great Christmas stocking:

For Men:
Money Clip
Personalized Pen

For Women:
Body Spray's (Bath and Body Work's are a great place for little item's like these)
Coin Purse
Nail care item's: File, polish, etc…
Daily Planner
Magnetic note pad
Scarf & Gloves
Compact Mirror

4) Fill It Up- Now that you have all the item's you need it is time to fill up the Christmas stocking. Start at the bottom placing real small items toward the toe portion of the stocking. Make sure to wrap a few of the items. Not having all of the gifts exposed gives the Christmas stocking an element of surprise. You have put a lot of time and care into choosing all the perfect little gifts so take your time in putting it all together. Make sure when you get to the top of the stocking that you have filled it up enough that there are a lot of items peeking out from the top. It is a good idea when you get to the top to place items such as books/Dvd's towards the back and then stager smaller items as you work your way to the front. Fill all empty spots with candy or other misc. items.

The bottom line here is that your loved one will likelyappreciate all the time and thought you have put into creating a Christmas stocking for them regardless of how it all turn's out so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't feel that it's perfect. Chances are it will be perfect in their eyes no matter what!