Adding a classifieds section to your website is a great way to increase functionality and usefulness to an existing website or even as the main part of a brand new venture. Internet classifieds have been such a success that they dug into the profits of most daily newspapers. Even if you don't have any technical or programming skills it is not too difficult to set up a classified section on your website using a free script like Noah Classifieds.

Noah Classifieds has been around for quite some time now and it is a stable and popular product. There is both a free and paid version for the product. The free version is suitable for small sites and has most features available, but if you are serious about developing a classified website, I would recommend buying the full blown product.

There are a few other classified scripts available of varying degrees of functionality and reliability. If you don't mind running a Joomla site, there is at least one free component you can use to create a classified site and I use on my website. Since I recently set up a new Noah classified site on my Bali advertiser website I am going to concentrate on that product for this article.

I use HostGator to host my websites and Noah Classifieds is available to be installed through the Fantastico menu with just a couple of clicks. Once you have installed your site, you then just need to set up the categories, install a template and customize it to suit your needs.

There are a number of free themes available and several paid versions, including a theme to make a real estate website and even a Craigslist clone. I choose the Modern theme. You can assign pictures to each category to give a nice visual look to your website. The Control Panel is where you make most of the settings for your website, including the title and meta keywords, which help the search engines to know what your website is about.

The Content menu in the administration panel is useful for people who plan to add Google Adsense to their websites. You can add which menu options you want displayed simply by checking or unchecking a box.

After getting my Adsense code, all it took was copying and pasting the code into the content boxes. I added the links style to the "Additional Top Content" and a regular 728 by 90 banner to the "Additional top content" section. Finally, I added some links to my other websites and the Google Analytics tracking code to the "Additional footer content". Not once did I have to go looking into the template code to get this done. I know the site is not going to win any design awards, but it serves the purpose for what it was created and already has people signing up for the site and posting ads.

If you are looking for a simple classified solution for your website, I can recommend Noah Classifieds. I have used several different scripts in the past and I have found Noah to be easy to set up and configure. For people running an existing Joomla or Wordpress website there are additional bridges you can install to integrate the different systems.