To create a good quality workout that you can follow day after day you need to write some few basics down. This is for a general fitness workout routine and depending on your goals you can easily adjust it by altering your workout times and the intensity of the workouts. Adding more resistance will easily make it a good workout to tone your muscles and increasing the workout time will enhance the fat burning effect.

To start with you should always do your workouts. A good way to do this is to use the elliptical exercise equipment with low resistance for five to ten minutes. If you are willing to enhance the fat burning effects of the workouts you might think about doing twenty minutes to get the fat burning mode turned on for your workout to come.

Your workout should be as hard as possible what ever your goals are. When you work close to your limits or even push over them you are doing all you can and will easily achieve your results. When working on gaining strength and size it is a good idea to work with heavy weights and use lower rep schemes. If you are willing to have more of a fat burning effect you can use longer sets but remember to keep the inteisty as high as possible. That way you will create as much as lactate as possible, and lactate will boost the usage of fatty acids for energy. If weight loss is your goal then you should not have carbohydrates before your workout, but having some - 20-30 grams - post workout will prevent the loss of musc le.

>Besides just doing a warmup on a cardio machine you also need to be doing a cool off. That means doing an
aerobic exercise maybe on treadmill fitness equipment to start your recovery. The increased work that your body is doing is making it easier to pump the lactic acid away from the muscles and in to the blood where it will affect the production of some important hormones. These hormones will start your recovery and maximize the fat burn. If your goals are on gaining strenght and size doing ten minutes is enough with a low intensity. That way you can greatly speed up your recovery and not gain as much as fat as you are gaining muscle. When aiming for weight loss you can go as far as an hour of jogging after workout.

Remember to have a good post-workout drink no matter what your goals are so that you will recover faster. If you can recover from your workouts faster you will be able to do the workouts more often and get better results.