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Oh No! Here We Go Again!


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When the golf club strikes the ball, there are only three things to worry about. The entire back swing and follow thru are done just to cause those three things to happen. Every golf article, pro's comment, or buddy's wise crack is aimed at some part of those three things.

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No not those three things!

Club Path

You are swinging the club down a path of your own choice just as it strikes the ball. (No one said you made a good choice.) This path causes the ball to fly in a predictable direction for a short time. If the club is moving from outside the target line to inside, you will pull the ball. If the club is moving from inside the target line to outside, you will push the ball. Finally if you ever manage to swing the club down the target line, the ball will fly down the target line.

Face Angle

Your swing will bring the club face back to the ball in an open, closed or square position. This angle is compared to or measured by the club path and has nothing to do with the target (your desired) line. An open or closed club face will put side spin on the ball. The open face causes a fade or slice. The closed face causes a draw or hook.

The difference between a fade and a slice is in the mind of the player. We all know that a ball that lands near our target line was hit perfectly.

If the club face is square to the club path, the ball will have little or no side spin and will travel along the club path.

Club Head Speed

Club head speed creates distance. Speed is generated by achieving a good shoulder turn, shifting body weight properly, using a wide swing arc, maintaining wrist cock until impact, and buying the latest technology.


Complex Golf SwingRight now I want you to think about all those golf swing books and articles you have read. Think about all the diagrams and pictures. What do you know about spine angle, grip, stance, shoulder plane, over the top, take away, and follow thru? All of those things and more make path, club angle and speed happen.

You and I don't pay the bills by playing golf. (Well I sure don't!) Let's try to keep having fun while we play golf. We don't have to hit every par 5 in two shots. We may never make an eagle. Let's just try to keep the ball in play.

You should try to reduce the complexity of all that stuff the magazines keep showing you. You should try to find products that help you learn the golf swing in easy steps. For many of you that will mean never taking a lesson or visiting the pro.

There are many swing aides and training products that allow you to learn the game at your own pace. You should choose one swing aide and one training program that have proven records. Then stick with them.

The more you practice, the faster you will learn. Never make the mistake of switching from one product to another. Even though each might be a market success, changing constantly will only confuse you and delay your progress.

Learn to accept yourself and your game. Golf is fun because we are playing it, not working at it. You can learn to control your slice but you may never hit the ball as far as your buddy does.

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