United States Large Cent Collection

When one first decides to assemble a collection of United States large cents the first thing that should be considered is your financial ability and commitment to finishing the set.

Many collectors will neglect to research the amount of money it will take to answer the call when certain rarities within their desired series present themselves.

Some of the large cent series will have examples of rarities that can cost thousands of dollars. The total cost of the completed set in the grade you desire should be estimated and considered before the first purchase is made.

Once you have considered your financial commitment it will be easier to decide what coins you can collect. This will narrow down your choices and increase the chance of making some money if you ever sell the set.

The grade you decide upon should be consistent throughout the collection and always try to match the colors of your copper coins the best you can. A well matched set will command a much higher price at auction.

When collecting copper coins a well protected page within a numismatic album is recommended for storage. Environmental damage has ruined more large cents the actual wear throughout the years. Take special care of your coins as they are easily damaged.

The album below is a typical collector album and these will have poly slides that cover the front of the coin as well as the reverse so you can still see both sides of the coin.

Different Types of United States Large Cent Sets

Common Collections

United States Large Cent Type Set

Type sets are a common way that these items are collected. A savvy numismatist will put together the best set they can afford.

Using one coin from each type that was made allows the highest grade affordable by the individual collecting them to be assembled and then sold at a tidy profit as a complete type set.

This has become a popular method of investing in US coins and when done properly will return a much larger profit relatively speaking then most other investments.

Year sets by variety is an advanced way to collect US large cents. There are many different varieties of large cent in each year. They are all documented in Sheldon's book "Penny Whimsy" for the early years.

This method of collecting can take one to the corners of the virtual collecting world as searching for certain obverse dies combined with the right reverse die and maybe it must have a late stage die break to qualify for the sub number is a little over the top for me. It does however show the enthusiasm that some have for these historic copper cents.

Full Sets Of United States Large Cents

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If you do decide to go after a coin from every year they made United States large cents then you have your work cut out for you. Start with the key dates and early years and add up what the whole set will cost at today's prices.

These can easily be found on eBay; look at the auctions ending. This will give you an up to date total of what the full set may cost. Expect it to be more as prices are rising daily.

There are issues such as the chain cent and the 1799 that will cost thousands of dollars to obtain. Just try not to bite off more then you can chew by getting one or two examples in high grade without realizing what it may cost to match those coins for grade with the rest of the set.

As you build the collection the net worth of it will go up with each example added. Collecting United States coins is a very smart investment as we are talking about a limited commodity being sold to an ever growing global collector base.