Baby shower themes have changed from simple teddy bears and binkies to wildly creative themes, from "cravings" such as pickles and ice cream to safari themes with jungle motiffs. Centerpieces are the focal point of the table, and they can also be fun to create.

Things You Will Need

Stuffed lion

Baby diaper

Gold tin foil

plastic zoo animals

galvanized metal tub

Cellephane easter grass

rubber duckies

pickle jar


bamboo skewers

Green onesie

rubber bands or ribbons

Three green pairs of socks or washrags

Step 1

Purchase a small stuffed lion cub and a premie baby diaper (or a larger size depending on the size of the lion). Dress the lion in the diaper, and add a small crown fashioned out of gold foil paper. Surround lion with plastic zoo animals.

Step 2

Find a small galvanized tub at a craft or garden supply store and fill with blue cellephane Easter grass for "water" (you can also use blue tissue paper). "Float" several blue, pink or yellow duckies on the "water".

Step 3

Clean out a large pickle jar, but do not remove the label. Purchase several different kinds of pickles. Stick them on the end of bamboo skewers and place them in the pickle jar for a very different arrangement.

Step 4

Purchase a green onesie and fasten each end with rubber bands or ribbon, so that it resembles a pea pod. Ball up three pairs of socks and place inside for "peas". Baby showers are supposed to be fun... don't let the pressure get to you too much!

Tips & Warnings