Customized stationery is a piece of practical art. Stationery tells a lot about its owner. The time taken to select stationery elements is very important. Cranes and Sweet Pea are two companies with very distinct styles in the stationery world. In addition to invitations, there is letterhead, envelopes, calling and place cards that you can select when choosing a stationery wardrobe. Selecting stationery in a retail location with the assistance of a trained Stationer aides your process and help you to not feel overwhelmed.

Cranes Stationery

Things You Will Need

Nothing is required, just your time and lots of patience

Step 1

Make an appointment at your local stationery establishment. Appointments are not necessary. Making an appointment guarantees you have a specially trained Stationer assigned to you to facilitate your experience. Stationery samples that might interest you are pulled ahead of time for your review. Wording samples are presented for your consideration.

Step 2

Discuss stationery preferences with your Stationer. For more formal stationery, engraving might be suggested. Engraved stationery involves a metal plate containing your wording is pressed into the paper. This differs from thermo type stationery where your ink is baked onto the stationery. Thermo stationery ink is shiny in appearance. Engraved stationery ink has a matte finish. Engraved stationery has a significantly higher cost due to additional materials and production detail required.

Step 3

Look through stationery books. Your personal tastes dictate the company you are attracted to. Some companies specialize in a simple, formal style. Some companies focus on a more casual style. Some companies focus on the youth market and everything it encompasses-baby showers, 1st birthdays and everything in between. Take your time while looking through the books. You may be required to return to additional times before placing your order.

Step 4

Consider your budget. Note stationery prices for pieces that interest you. You are required to purchase a base amount of 25 or 50 pieces. Your cost gets cheaper with larger orders. Purchase additional pieces in increments of 5 or 10.

Step 5

Select stationery enhancements. Stationery companies offer additional features to enhance your purchase. There are envelope liners ranging from tissue paper transparent as a butterfly wing to shiny, opaque papers. Choose a design. Opt to have a return address on the rear flap of your envelopes (if applicable.) Enhancements add to your purchase cost.

Step 6

Discuss stationery wording. Standards exist for proper stationery wording. Check with your Stationer to ensure couples are properly addressed or your announcement is worded eloquently. Double check your title on your note card is correct.

Step 7

Choose your stationery font or writing style. You have what you want to say, now write it out. Choose the font that appeals to you and fits with your stationery style. Companies offer their own font selections you must choose from.

Step 8

Order a proof. This isn't necessary but should be thought of as an important step. Ordering a proof allows you to see if chosen words work with selected writing styles. An idea may not have translated well to paper and proofs are produced before an entire order is generated. This allows changes to be made without inconvenience or loss to the printers. A proof is emailed or faxed to the stationery store for approval. Review stationery carefully before approving the proof. Cost of the proof is included in the cost of your stationery order. A proof arrives 5-7 business days after your order is placed

Step 9

Pay for your order by giving the stationery store half of the total amount due at the time your order is placed. Payment methods vary by store. Your balance is due when you pick up your stationery. You order arrives in the store 7-10 days after you approve your proof. Times differ for special printing processes or during high seasons such as graduation and wedding season.

Tips & Warnings

Bring another person to look at samples and review stationery proofs. Extra eyes see elements missed on an inital glance.

Creating your stationery in a retail location provides you with more selections from a company than offered at their website