Designing flag football plays for your team can be a challenging task. The skills and abilities of the players has to be considered when creating flag football plays. Below are some tips creating the perfects plays.

  • Decoys - Many times, at least one of the routes is a decoy route. This is designed to move a defensive player out of position. Decoy does not necessarily mean the receiver is not an option. If the defense breaks down, the decoy routes (since they are usually the deeper routes) can result in big plays. In the play below, the Red receiver is running a decoy route. The hope is that the safety will cover Red leaving Blue open.
  • Flood Areas - Most defenses in flag football play some sort of zone. The most popular being a cover 2 (2 safeties). Some of the best plays incorporate flooding an area of the zone. What does "flooding" mean? It's simply running two or receivers into a defensive players area. This forces the defensive player to either choose one receiver to cover. Sometimes, the defense may try to split the defense and play between the receivers leaving both open. Referencing the play below, Red and Blue are flooding the safeties area. If the safety does not have help, he must choose which receiver to cover leaving the other open for a big a play. Trips Left
  • Work Deep to Short - Unless it 3rd down and short, create plays that have both deep and short routes. If giving enough time, the quarterback should work the deep routes first then come back short. In the play above, the quarterback's progreesive should be Red, Blue, then Green.
  • Time the Routes - Finally, receivers should time their routes so that they are not all breaking open at once. The best way to time a route is for the receiver to pause after the snap before taking off. In the play below, the Green receiver should wait about a second before starting his route. This allows the other receivers to get further up the field for the quarterback to read whether or not they are open. If they are covered, Green should be breaking into the out route at the right time.

Using the tips above, you can create the flag football plays that just may bring home a championship.