Everyday is a new day to create goals. For me I feel creating small goals throughout the week can help improve you and your life. Now this is how I am planning weekly goals in my life and my hope is someone else will find this helpful for them in their life.

First I want to suggest that you get one of those monthly planners at the store. It can be a cheap one because I am sure you will be changing things as the weeks go on and when goals are accomplished.

Now on a sheet of paper write down small goals you have that you want to accomplish for the week that you are in, you can start Monday or Sunday either way pick one day to start and this will be the start day as well as your followup day.

When I say small goals you can decide what is small and what is not, I feel we can get more done if we take baby steps sometimes instead of trying to walk before we start to crawl so to speak.

After you make this list on a sheet of paper take your monthly planner and put in each day what you want to get done that day. For example let's say I want to write at least 5 articles on Infobarrel on Tuesday this week I would write that down and put it in for Tuesday. Now here comes the fun part give yourself time to accomplish this goal throughout the day. If it takes you say and hour to write one article do two in the morning and two in the afternoon and than one in the evening. That way you can spread you daily goal for Tuesday throughout the day.

This is only explaining how to start making weekly goals and I am not getting into monthly goals or yearly goals. After you accomplish each goal give yourself a pat on the back and keep moving forward, even if you have a day where nothing gets done makes notes of what happened throughout that day and how you could have managned your time better. My hope is this article will not only help myself but help others who need to feel good about making goals and achieving them as well. Thanks and take care until next time please swing pass my profile here and see if I wrote something else that might be of interest to you.