Infinitely Scalable IdeasI consider myself a designer and serial entrepreneur. I have literally hundreds if not thousands of ideas pouring through my mind each week. I write them all down so I don't forget, but more recently I've been trying to come up with and train my brain to come up naturally with what I like to call Infinitely Scalable Ideas. These are what I consider to be the BIG money ideas - and the more and more I think of, the more my mind begins to create new ones by default.

What are Infinitely Scalable Ideas?

Infinitely Scalable Ideas are sort of a source or a "base" idea, in the sense that many many other styles, variations and solutions can be derived or expanded upon from them.

Example 1

I'm going to illustrate this by using an example everyone can relate to. Most people are familiar with the brand Nike. Well, Nike started out making shoes. But then it began to associate itself with more and more sports and then exercise in general. Now they have a ridiculous amount of products from: wristbands, to watches, to hats, water bottles, backpacks, shirts, stickers, you name it. Nike is a highly scalable idea, with a very simple mark and all those products live under the umbrella of the Nike brand.

Example 2

Another example that I'm sure anyone, at least in America, is familiar with is Snuggie. Snuggie is basically a backwards robe and started out in just three or four colors. It was a very simple idea…and it caught on…BIG. It was so ridiculous, people bought them as gag gifts - well that's still a sell. Then, you started seeing customized Snuggies. Snuggies with leopard print, Snuggies with sports team logos on them, etc. They really were able to take their initial idea and continue to scale it up, so they could continue to make more sales over time instead of being a passing fad like WWJD bracelets.

Personal Example

I'll conclude this article with an example of my own, to build my credibility and to prove that what I mentioned in the introduction wasn't pure BS. So, I'm beginning the launch of a Free Zazzle shop called FUK apparel, which is a design that allows people to walk around and wear a statement that they're passionate about or rather passionately NOT about, without having the actual F-bomb displayed on them.

What Makes This an Infinitely Scalable Idea?

  • I've created a very simple mark that appeals to the masses and they can easily adopt and attach themselves to
  • It's a concept that's limitless in scale, and if they don't want to wear a specific statement they can just wear the logo itself
  • It will come in a variety of apparel/product options

*BONUS - I'm engaging the customers by asking them for their input for what I put out, so they can feel like they're part of the process of shaping the brand.