With the holiday season right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about all the gifts you have left to get.  If you’re like me, the hardest to buy for are always the ones left until last.   It can be very difficult trying to please everyone and stay within your budget too.  Sometimes remembering the nicest gifts you’ve ever received may provide inspiration for coming up with your own unique gifts.  One of the most appreciated gifts I have ever received was from my best friend who knew how much I liked popcorn.  It was a giant popcorn bowl with several packs of microwave popcorn and six shakers of different popcorn seasonings.  I loved it and it made me realize that making a gift basket can be an easy and creative way to add a personal touch to a present for friends or family.  By adding a movie to the mix you can create a unique gift for someone special.  It’s a great idea for an individual, a family or a couple. 

 Most couples appreciate spending time together relaxing and watching a movie.  By making a movie gift basket for a favorite couple you are also gifting them with a date and providing them with a good excuse to spend some quality time together.

 Just grab a basket or a big popcorn bowl and start filling it with movie themed items.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Put a selection of sappy romantic movies (or just one or two, depending on your budget, but make sure one is a classic) into a basket, add some wine, some wine glasses, some chocolate, a warm throw to cuddle under and a couple of candles and you have the ideal gift basket for newlyweds or an anniversary gift.  Remember to put in a box of tissues for the tears that are sure to start.

 For the adrenaline lovers, you could put a couple of action movies into a giant popcorn bowl along with some microwave popcorn, a six pack of beer, some pretzels and a couple of packs of candy.  You could also add a gift card for the local pizza place.

 For the comedy fans, add some microwave popcorn, some popcorn flavor packets, candy and a couple of hilarious movies into a big popcorn bowl or basket.  Wine coolers would be sure to add to the laughter as well.

For a couple that may prefer to spend the night out at the theatre put movie gift cards, concession coupons and the local movie listings into a basket.  You could also include a gift card for a special restaurant too.  If they have kids make sure you put in a coupon for a free offer of babysitting too.

 For a whole family staying in and having “Family Movie Night” is much more economical than going to the theatre plus you can plan your own intermissions (pee breaks at our house) so you won’t miss anything!  For a family basket, a well loved kiddie or family movie could be included with a couple of bags of pre-popped popcorn, novelty popcorn containers, some sodas, candy and even a small stuffed animal for each child.