Life ChecklistCredit: Rawich

Writing a Checklist For Life

I’m working on creating a life checklist or what is better known as a checklist for life. Think of it as a To-Do list for your life. You basically think of all the things you want to do and carry out in life and write them down in a checklist format. You then cross them off as you complete them. I have listed my reasons why I created my life checklist.

A checklist keeps me on track

Many people create checklists for all kinds of reasons. The main reason is to get those items done. I once met a woman on a camping trip that had a checklist for everything she wanted to bring along with her in her RV. I always make a grocery checklist of the items I want to buy for our weekly meals. My boyfriend volunteers for our local search and rescue organization and he has a checklist of the important lifesaving items he needs to take along when he leaves for a mission.

A life checklist will keep me on track to complete the items I have set forth to do in my lifetime. Having this list will always remind me of where and what I want to do in life. If I feel that my life isn’t going in the direction I want it to, I will have my life checklist to review to get back in line to complete the items I plan to get done.

Writing things down helps me to get things done

I have read that people who write down their goals complete them more so than those who just think about completing their goals. Many personal success and self-improvement books I have read talk about obtaining goals and they always mention that you need to write your goals down and review the list often to bring them closer to being accomplished. I know that when I write daily tasks to complete I actually complete them. I don’t always complete them on the day I have listed, but they do get completed. If I can get things completed with a daily to-do list, then surely I can get things completed with a life checklist.

I know that writing down my life checklist will help me to complete the items listed because back in 2008 I wrote something called a “Wish List for 2009”. I wrote down some things I wanted to have happen that year for me. I filed the list away and didn’t even give it another thought until I came across it about 10 months later. I looked at the list and found that I had completed a good handful of the items listed. I figure, if I write a life checklist and actually review it from time to time, then I believe I’ll have a good chance that I will be able to complete all the items on that list.

A checklist holds me more accountable

Writing things down makes it more real for me. I think checklists are kind of like small contracts and that I am bound to some unspoken authority to complete the items listed. Having a list makes me feel like I need to fulfill that contract. The items to complete during my lifetime will be there on that list staring back at me waiting for me to check them off. I think that having something written gives me more reason to commit to accomplishing the things I have set out to do.

A checklist gives me a challenge

I can’t say that I’m a really competitive person, but I do like an occasional challenge. My checklist for life will test my determination, persistence and desire to do all that I would like to do in my lifetime. How many people do you know that have regrets for not doing something they always wanted to do? How many people do you find that have lost the drive to live because things never worked out for them or their life goals went unfulfilled? I want to challenge myself to live life and look back and love that I did everything I wanted to do and know I became a better me.

For these reasons I expect to write my life checklist as soon as possible so that I can start living my life the way I want to. If you would like write a checklist, it might be a good idea to find out why you should create a life checklist. This checklist for life just might make your life more enjoyable!