When writing articles, it would be to the writer's benefit to first draft up an outline about the article before they actually get down to the writing of the article. Keeping an outline for an article that you plan to write in the future is a huge step forward, especially if the article in question requires research to write.

The best articles are the ones that have a lot of editing done to them between the actual writing stage and when they are first published, because there is more time for an article to look over his article and outline and find mistakes. Keeping an outline is also a great way for a writer to stay on track while writing his article, because the main points in the article will be in the outline, as well as research done on the article's topic. Keeping your writing on track is a necessary skill for article writing, because you are supposed to provide short bites of information only around 400 words, so you don't have a lot of maneuvering room when it comes to what you talk about in your article.

Also, outlines can be changed if you want to write a similar article, using research from a previously written piece. Keeping all your research in hand is extremely beneficial for writers, because then proving that articles are in fact yours and you have the copyright to them is easier if legal issues ever involve your work, and it is also easier for you to follow up on articles or write articles using the same research if they are about a similar subject.

All in all, article outlines are a must for any writer considering making freelancing writing a substantial stream of income, no matter which site or which clients they write for. Outlines should be saved in your files as well as copies of the articles themselves. This is a permanent record of your writing, and can serve you well in the future if you ever have to update or follow up your work.