Personalized photo Christmas cards are a way to stay in touch with family and friends. This might be the only contact you have all year with old high school pals or business contacts. This allows you to share your family with others but is also a chance to express your personality and get a really great looking Christmas card. Your card will probably make it on the refrigerator instead of just sitting in a pile of store bought cards. Plus, it's an activity that the whole family can participate in.

Online photo Christmas cards are easy to customize. Often you just have to upload your picture and then drag and drop it into a frame. If you can't find the perfect design then consider creating your own ecard or even a small scrapbook. There are tons of free online scrapbooking software programs out there that will allow you to put together a scrapbook for free. You might want to highlight each child as a fun take on a traditional Christmas letter. Have them write their own seasons greetings or design their own page. Include an updated photo and share what they've accomplished throughout the year. Then you can just email the link to all of your friends and family; although you might want to set the photo album to private. This means that strangers won't be able to access your personal photos and your family members will just need to enter a password.

Christmas card photos can serve as cherished memories but it can seem impossible to find a picture where everyone in your family looks good. You'll want to take a wide variety of shots so you have a lot to choose from. You'll also want to schedule the photo shoot around nap time and meals so your kids are at their brightest instead of looking like they are fading. You can create an overall theme for your photo by putting everyone in Santa hats or reindeer antlers. You can create an elegant look by dressing the whole family in black for a stunning photo shoot. You can also try taking candid shots playing out in the snow. Even if everyone isn't facing the camera you'll get the overall feeling of a happy family that will create a lasting impression.

If you can't find a photo for your customized Christmas cards then consider doing a collage. This way everyone will be looking their best. You can start off with basic scrapbooking supplies and holiday themed papers like a red and white stripe for a candy cane. You can layer it with small boxes of scrapbook papers for a poinsettia frame. Then just insert the best shot of each of your kids into each individual frame for a card with big impact.

Personalized photo Christmas cards allows you to spread your own brand of holiday cheer. These are pictures that you'll save for years to come and it gives you a chance to make an impression as an entire family. You'll want to be creative but appropriate to create a card that everyone in the family will love.