Creating Prosperity
Credit: JimmieHomeschoolMom (cc)

Creating prosperity with a mind that makes a bee-line for visions of the worst-case-scenario is hard, frustrating work. Without the repetition required to turn it all around, a manifestation aim can sour and leave the spirits of the would-be manifester deflated. The etheric field must be re-seeded, though, if we're to break the binds of disempowering conditioning. Despite setbacks, the quest for a way to reprogram our consciousness still remains.


The Power Of Repetition

Repetition is the right-hand of sturdy psychological patterns, but repeating the same methods over and over can become tedious. It's difficult to maintain a force of motivational spirit doing things we've grown to dislike. With our aims hanging in the balance, we do far better finding clever ways to drive the repeated message home. Creating prosperity is a matter of celebration. The energy we carry with us creating it is important. In addition to performing the “I Have” meditation daily (details are in the next section), try using a few of these methods to create prosperity patterns:

  • Repeat “I have all I need” several times a day, whenever you remember.

  • Leave post-it notes around your home reminding you that you are prosperous and thriving.

  • Create a vision-board dedicated to the very specific desire you're manifesting. Look on it daily. Close your eyes, and see yourself in possession of what you intend to manifest.

Mental discipline will get you everywhere here. You won't likely need to strain, though. The mind likes variety. Put varied repetition to regular work creating prosperity.


The “I Have” Meditation

Prepare a list of exactly what you want to manifest, and find a comfortable place you can meditate in daily. You'll need at least 15 to 30 minutes for your session. You don't need to do anything elaborate to start. You can chant your prosperity affirmations until you feel a change in consciousness (it may be slight like a shift).

When you're deeper into the meditation, see yourself surrounded by the items on your list. Hold the picture firmly, and feel the satisfaction of having your needs met. Feel the relief.

Repeat the affirmations: “I have all that I need.”

“My resources are abundant.”

“My prosperity consciousness is bright and thriving.”


The “I Have” meditation can be performed in mini-sessions, on lunch breaks, or when you can spare a moment. The goal is to acquaint your deep self with the feeling of actually having what you're manifesting.