Having a comfortable office can help your productivity and make your life much more enjoyable. In this article we have a look at what can be used or bought to make your office more comfortable, using inspiration from other people's highly comfortable offices.

What we define as a comfortable office?

We define a comfortable office as one which fits you ergonomically, is laid out in a fashion so that everything is accessible and so that you office does not get in the way of your work. Different people may have different ideas of comfortable office but our idea is one where you could be working all day for 16 hours and a comfortable office will help you to do that will help you to do that.

Comfortable office chairs

A comfortable office chair is incredibly important. You may be sitting on it for up to 18 hours a day (if you are a workaholic). A basic office chair can be had from around $50 (£30), but an office chair with the correct lumbar support and one that is high enough to support your back may cost much more. If you have a quick look on sites like Amazon for office chairs you will see that you can spend several thousand if not tens of thousands of dollars on office chairs. The best advice is to try it out in a shop, preferably with a desk, to make sure it fits you correctly, does not wobble and support you in all the right places.

Best office desks

The best office desks will be large enough to fit all of your monitors, paper and peripherals on it but not so large so that you have to reach over the desk to grab things. IKEA is a very good place to get comfortable office desks as you can try them out and see whether they wobble and are suitable for your needs. They also often offer accessories such as cable management and monitor stands.

Most comfortable office peripherals

Using the correct peripherals in your comfortable office can make a massive improvement to your enjoyment levels. Consider spending more money on your keyboard and mouse which is how you interact all-day with your computer or even consider purchasing a voice to text solution such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Conditions such as RSI carpal tunnel can be very painful, plus damage your productivity, and so prevention is better than the cure. To make your office really comfortable large monitors such as those in excess of 24 inches can really help with productivity and comfort. The new range of 27 inch monitors is making life much easier as you can position multiple windows next to each other. The more expensive monitors with matte finishes are also easier on the eyes and so can help to reduce eyestrain.


Positioning everything correctly is a free method of making your office more comfortable. Think about whether you move your chair around and if there is a rug in the way, where are the document you use every day and questions like it. These questions are much easier to answer when you are in your office, to remind yourself to think about these points when you next in the office whether at home or at work.

These are the things that I have used to try make my office more comfortable. There are many other ways of achieving a comfortable office or workspace but these are what I feel are the basics.

How do you make your office comfortable? Do you use comfortable office chairs or desks? What are your top tips for a comfortable office or workspace? Feel free to write a comment below.