Visualize To Actualize

Visualizing techniques is useful for anyone to succeed in any area of life. Some of the best athletes and actors preach about the techniques they use before they do at their very best.

Will Smith, Tiger Woods, even Arnold Schwarzenegger, all promote the use of visualizing success and achieving goals. 

Imagine what you want to have and what you want to be in the near future, how do you want to look? How do you want yourself to look like when you've accomplished your goals?

When you really hold these images and use every sense you have to make yourself feel as if you actually already achieved the results that you dream of, you feel good.

In fact it's more than good, the feeling is something words cannot describe.

These techniques are very important for someone who has a fitness related goal. The average joe walks in the gym, knows he has some sets to do and if he doesn't do them, he won't get what he is after.

The problem is, most of the time these sets would be completed without any images in mind. There's no picture in mind, so there's no picture to paint. visualize(142328)Credit:

This article is about that, how do you really visualize your muscles growing? What should you imagine before, during and after the workout?

It's very simple, yet most people don't use these techniques so they may only get 10 to 50 percent of their results. When you start visualizing, you'll be guaranteed to work twice as hard, fast, and stronger than ever before.

I can promise you that you'll be more relaxed and confident if you are visualizing your success in the gym, and if you apply these techniques in any area of life, you'll see the same benefits.

Your about to do your usual program, it's monday so I bet you have chest and maybe triceps. For me I would do chest and back since they are opposite to each other so superset and stronger sets is bound to happen.

ExcitingCredit: you're preparing to leave for the gym, get excited, tell yourself how big your chest will be and that it will happen very soon if the good work is kept up.


Imagine that no matter what you wear, your chest will be popping out and showing like Rambo on a mission. Maybe your after the defined look, so look up pictures of ripped people with chest.

And it doesn't have to be a guy, you could be a girl and you could see pictures of girls with "toned" looking chests.

If your really imagining your results, your heart rate and your excitement should be going steadily through the roof.

Your on the way to the gym, you can feel and see your own chest becoming what you want it to be. This should help you focus and become confident about your workout yet you might be nervous.

You step in the gym and your completely hooked on the images of the physique your after. Your warmed up and your going into your first set, you should know the form and you should watch the proper form whether it's from a YouTube video or an experienced trainer.


Your now lying on the bench and you've already stared down at your body in the mirror and you could see what it'll be become.

Like an artist about to give the first stroke of paint on the picture.


Your first set is about to happen, you already seen yourself doing it successfully, it should be challenging enough but not too heavy so you can do it in the most correct form. Your shoulder blades should be pretending it's holding a pencil so your chest get's the workout, not your shoulders.

You should imagine your chest becoming mountains as your completing your reps. One by one you can almost feel the muscle fibers damaging and just priming to get ready to grow after the workout.

If someone was spotting you or there's a trainer in sight, ask if you were doing it right or if your alone, then you can record yourself doing the sets and reply to see if what was good and bad.

You may even do chest flies, so you should imagine yourself hugging a tree. You will automatically be bending your elbows just enough for your chest to feel the set perfectly.

Almost everyone watches someone who they would love to have as their own. If I watched young Arnold do his chest flies, I would carefully study his form and almost try to do the same thing.

I would also admire his chest, as I am after what he has and even more if possible!

These are examples of the visualizing techniques that I love to use and it would be impossible for me to carry out my goals if I didn't use them and if I could go back to my early days as a beginner I would use these techniques a lot more and preach about them.

The principles I explained here are used by any one who is after something.

Any goal could be visualized, check famous and wealthy people most will admit they wouldn't be where they are if they didn't see themselves succeeding. 

If you were an artist, you wouldn't be able to paint a picture if you didn't have a picture in mind. And all bodybuilder are actually sculptors, they need to sculpt their bodies, their physiques with the muscles they want to grow and maximize its size to its full potential.

If you have any questions, please ask as fitness and health is my passion! If I missed something or you want something explained, I will be more than happy to explain.

Visualize to actualize!!


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