When choosing a style of bedding for any room in your house it is imperative that you choose a style that can work with any and all of your individual tastes. If you are inclined towards a more modern clean look in your challenge will be to not create a bland environment. While if you have a Gypsy heart you may have a hard time keeping your house from gaudy and garish. The bedspread that you choose will be the centerpiece of the room and will create a feel and sense in the room that all of their furniture and decorations will only accent.

The new Bohemian bedding style that is currently in vogue is a wonderful way to either soften a modern tastes or accent and brighten an already cheerful and colorful room. the rich materials combined with the bright colors, and beautiful patterns can create a feeling of wealth while at the same time bringing a feel of warmth and cheer to the room. The modern combinations of Victorian patterns with animal prints and strong colors can give you a sense of the old world Gypsy styles, while not losing the beauty of modern simplicity.

The term of “bohemian” is an old term that was used in reference to people from the old Kingdom of Bohemia, which was where the traditional Czech lands now lie. These lands were full of gypsies with their cheerful, upbeat music and brightly colored clothing. as these people traveled into the more modern Western Europe. Their styles were looked upon as outrageous and gaudy. But as time went on their taste slowly made its way into the everyday mindsets of the people they interacted with. The bright colors, the cheerful music, the lively music, all became sought after and eventually became incorporated into what was considered proper and beautiful styles.

Bohemian styles today can be very liberating.

Our modern world teaches that colors must not clash, that lines must be clean, that greys, whites and blacks are the essential palette for decor, and anything ornate or antique, must be done away with. When we add that beautiful piece of classic, luxuriously colored tapestry, or the other ornate vase, colored and blues, reds and purples we free ourselves from the world of steel and glass that most of us find to be the center of our lives. Mixing our reds and our oranges, and combining them with beautiful hues of purple and blue may seem like a social faux pas, But in truth, it is a traditional way of expressing our own souls.

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While some find that bright colors clutter their existence and create chaos, many others find that they are restricted and bound by the dullness of the world around them. The artistic sense of every person can be cultivated and grown if they choose to surround themselves with the right things. To create a room full of life, color, and texture is to give one license to be artistic in their own right.

Choosing to use bohemian bedding as the centerpiece of your bedroom can be the choice that rewrites your entire decorating schema. Taking this step to create a bright world around you, will help you find a whole new world of joy and peace in the items that you choose to surround yourself with. Once you have chosen the perfect bohemian bedspread for your ideal color palette you can begin to fill the areas around you with items and pieces that catch your fancy and match your personality. A trip to the flea market or local antique mall will help you to discover what tastes best fit you. While a white shabby chic nightstand may catch your eye, you may also find that a heavy, cherry, baroque style wardrobe is a must-have for your collection. These two may seem incongruent, but with a few choice pieces of colorful art, of vase full of branches and ribbon, and a rich Victorian style rug you may find that these individual pieces go beautifully in your room full of color. 

So, choose to start today by selecting a bedding piece that fits your personality and brings out all the artistic dreams and ideas that you have ever had. Once you have chosen this, begin to build your dream world, one piece at a time, with only items that please your eye and feed your soul. You will soon find that you are delighted with your surroundings and home while feel like home.