5 essentials for creating a great blog

Blogger is a very easy way to set up a blog, yet many blogs built with this system look low quality. There is no reason for this - even for a beginner blogger when a few simple tricks of the trade can used to create an eye-catching and professional looking blog.

1. Create a professional header photo:

First impression matter and photos create a big impact. So it's a good idea to spend the time creating a header photo to use as a banner and not just use the basic default header Blogger provides automatically. This is as simple as creating a photo of the right size and adding some title text to it. The photo you use is extremely important as it will set the mood for your blog. So choose something that reflects the mood you want and looks professional. To do this you may need to buy a stock photo (a photo created for sale). These don't have to be expensive and you can easily get them from a number of low cost stock photo sites. They are well worth the few dollars they cost to create a blog that will be hard to forget. Creating a header photo usually requires Photoshop (or similar) software, although you may also be able to create something with an online photo editor like Picnik.

2. Think quality:

What you write in your blog matters. Avoid rushing your posts. Make sure they are worthy of publishing online. Do your research to gather hints about how to write great blog posts. Google is a great place to find articles about this. Also look at your blog. What posts are most popular? How could you improve your posts? Also look at other blogs. What do you like about them? What do you dislike? This information will help you to create blog posts that people will want to read.

3. Add photos to your blog posts:

A simple step that is often overlooked. People love photos or pictures and they really help bring a blog posts to life. Again, depending on the topic of you blog you may need to stock photos to do this successfully.

4. Add high quality gadgets:

Blogger gives lots and lots of gadget options. Some of these are essential (like a share button), others optional and some really only suitable for a blog written for fun. Use gadgets to your advantage. What mood does each gadget give your blog? A little thought in making the right choice can really help you blog.

5. Pick a good template:

Finally, the template you pick will influence how easy your blog is to read. White writing on a dark background may look great but few of your readers will thank you as this coloring makes text very hard to read for any length of time. Color also creates a mood so it's important to choose a template that enables colors that will enhance your blogs style and topic. A template will also impact your header photo. So the right or wrong choice of template may make a lot of difference to your blog. Luckily with blogger it's very easy to play around with the templates and change your mind as needed.