A butterfly wedding theme adds whimsy to the space. This theme works well in the springtime. A butterfly theme can be feminine without cutesy, bold and traditional. It's a subtle theme that all of your family members can agree on but can still incorporate your love of nature.

Keep it elegant. You may be used to seeing butterflies in teenage girl's rooms. This means you have to be especially careful to keep the theme sophisticated so it doesn't become juvenile. You can go with crystal or gold butterflies for added elegance. You can start off by incorporating the theme onto the invitation so the guests know what they have in store for them. You can spice up a traditional white invitation by putting a clipart picture of a monarch butterfly. The butterfly can dictate your wedding colors so choose a more neutral insect color if you're afraid of orange bridesmaid dresses. You can even work butterflies onto a modern invitation. Keep the background a bold color such as orange or pink. The lettering and butterfly outline can be white for a graphic element.

You can even incorporate butterflies into your wedding dress. You can find a tiara or headband with a butterfly on it. Clip a butterfly brooch onto a sash around your waist to subtly bring the theme into your wedding. If you aren't set on a white wedding dress you can find ball gowns that look like the wings of a butterfly and it will be such a dramatic look that is still feminine and will definitely make you the standout at your wedding. Get the groom in on the act by giving him a retro print butterfly tie or add pattern to the bridesmaid dresses with a butterfly print shawl

Head to the craft store. You can find faux butterflies at the craft store. You can embellish your bouquet with these or add them to your cake or the top of favor boxes. You can even make your entire bouquet out of paper butterflies on wire that will be unlike anything your guests have ever seen before and will help cut down on your floral budget.

Hold a butterfly release. The bride and groom can participate in this or your guests can release butterflies as you are leaving the ceremony space. You can order butterflies that come in simple boxes and all of your guests will receive a box and then you watch the butterflies float away. It's an unusual take on a dove release that still keeps within your theme.