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Everyone loves a good cozy bed! However, what makes a bed cozy is very personal. We all come in different shapes and sizes, have different preferences on sleeping position, and have different preferences on how warm we want to be at night.

So how to two people sharing a bed settle on a solution that meets the requirements of both? It’s all about individualizing the bed components.

The Mattress: Divide and Conquer

A mattress that provides good support to side sleeper, may not be the best choice for someone who sleeps on his or her back. And the mattress that will provide the best support for someone who is heavy in weight, probably won’t be as comfortable for someone who is a skinny minny.

Until my husband enlightened me, I never knew there was another way for two adults to share sleeping space aside from one large king-size bed. Did you know that two twin XL mattresses put together have the same dimensions as a king bed? When done properly, this strategy can provide many benefits for you and your sweetheart.

Each person can choose a mattress that best suits his or her comfort. If He likes a firm bed, and She likes a soft bed, both can have their way! As long as the twin XL mattresses are approximately the same thickness, each partner can enjoy the comfort of his and her own mattress, while maintaining the appearance and practical function of a king bed.  

Not only will each person be able to have the correct support, but any movements from your partner’s tossing and turning will be greatly reduced. If you slumber alongside a restless sleeper or someone who frequently gets up during the night, using two separate mattresses is a great option to ensure you have fewer interruptions to your own sleep.

What about the crack? Someone came up with the ingenious invention of the “bed bridge.” There are a few different versions of this product, but essentially it’s a strap that cinches around the two twin XL mattresses with a soft divider strap that runs down the center to minimize the presence of the crack. Once the two mattresses are in place, put a king size mattress cover and fitted sheet over the whole thing, and you’re good to go!

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The Battle of the Covers

Many couples spend half the night fighting over who is hogging the entire blanket. Or one spouse will be too warm, while the other is too cold, and they can’t decide on an appropriate weight blanket.

As unconventional as it sounds, why not each person have their own? When I first got married, I was a bit horrified when my husband suggested this. It just seemed so wrong. Married people are supposed to share a blanket!

But he convinced me to try it, and we both really love it. If he wants to snuggle up tight in his blanket, he can. If I want it smoothed over me as flat as possible, I can. There is no worry about who has “hooks” in their elbows, grabbing all the covers when turning in their sleep.

Two twin duvets work well for providing each person on a king bed with their own blanket. This allows for customization of blanket weight and warmth to satisfy individual preferences. For added plush and warmth, you can even stuff a queen-size duvet insert into a twin-size duvet cover.

Duvet covers also eliminate the need for a flat sheet, which greatly simplifies making the bed—just fluff the comforters and you’re done.  The duvet cover protects the comforter, and can be easily removed and washed, just as you would change out the sheets.  (The absence of a flat sheet was another change that took me some getting used to—“But that’s how we’ve always done it!” I protested.)

For aesthetic reasons, you can opt to throw a coverlet over the entire bed to make it look more uniform. But if you aren’t overly concerned with having a bed that looks like it was featured in a home magazine, you could skip this step, and simply make the bed by having the twin duvets neatly overlap each other across the bed.

Can We Still Snuggle?

Of course the above suggestions are primarily to enhance the sleep quality of each person. But two people sharing a bed are probably doing so because they like each other and want to be close! So how do you snuggle with the all the separation of mattresses and blankets? No problem!

Lift up the “wing” of your blanket and invite your sweetie over for some snuggle time. Or have fun sneaking under their side of the covers to get cozy. You can still share your times of intimacy, but when it comes time to actually get some Z’s, you’ll spend less time in discomfort and disruption, and more time in restful slumber.

Give It a Try

Two mattresses and separate covers are certainly an unconventional approach to a shared bed. But if you can put aside your loyalty to tradition, and try something a little different, you may find yourself with a surprisingly beneficial solution to some of your sleep woes.