Creating a Dog Themed Bedroom For Your Boy


   What goes together more naturally than a boy and his dog?  A dog and puppy themed bedroom might be perfect for the boy who loves everything related to dogs.  A bedroom with this theme is easy to create, and also can be easy on your wallet; great for those on budgets!  Decide whether you want to go with a general dogs and puppies theme, or stick with something more specific, such as a certain breed, like Collies or Terriers.  If your son is very young, he might like to go with one of the animated dog themes such as Scooby Doo or Disney's 101 Dalmations.  If your son has a dog, he might want to stick with that particular breed to be highlighted in the decorating theme. 

  A good place to begin is with items that are needed in a bedroom, such as bedding.  Sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and comforters can be found with dog and/or puppy prints in just about any place that sells these items.  Mass merchandise stores such as Target or Walmart are great places to begin searching, or try an online search.  You'll be amazed at the many specialty shops online - some offering special deals on shipping and handling.  Amazon often has items such as these at low prices or discounted by other sellers. You can also find bedding with "paw" print designs, or other dog related paraphernalia.  Don't forget dog shaped throw pillows, or even a few plush dogs for decorating the bed.  The plush dogs could be placed in a small, blanket lined basket at night, and placed on the floor. 

  Once  bedding for a dog themed bedroom has been decided, you might want to focus on decorating the walls next.  Prints of dogs and puppies can be found just about anywhere.  You could make some mat frames yourself from poster board, decorating them with dog bones and dog bowls.  Use stickers to decorate the frames, which you can purchase or print out yourself from your computer and printer.  Plain wood frames can be decorated by coating small dog biscuits or dog bone shaped treats with clear sealant, then gluing them to the frame.  Pictures of your son and his dog or puppy can be enlarged, framed, and hung on the walls of the bedroom.  You could even have a display of pictures taken each month, that shows your son and his dog as they grow.  Home made decorations such as these help keep expenses down in decorating your son's bedroom.   For a few extra dollars you could purchase one of the Dog or Puppy of the month or day calender to hang on the wall.  Use peel and stick decals to decorate furniture and walls with dog themed murals and pictures.  Wallpaper borders featuring dog related items can be found that are peel and stick; easy to apply, easy to remove.  This is especially nice if you live in a rental unit.  Find or make a dog motif sign for your son's bedroom door with his name on it - a doghouse, for example, or a large bone.  Movie posters of dog based movies also make great wall decorations.

  To decorate shelves and dresser tops, look for figurines of dogs and puppies.  Plastic or wood ones are fine when your child is very young.  Switch plate covers, lamps, scatter rugs and more can all be found with dog related themes.  To really complete the dog themed bedroom for your boy, if you can, is to get your son a dog or puppy if he doesn't already have one.  Animal shelters across the nation have more than enough to go around.  For a small fee, your son can be the owner of a spayed or neutered dog or puppy who will be a lifelong companion.  If you can't have a dog where you reside, you and your son could still volunteer at a local humane society or shelter once a week or once a month, or sponsor a dog at a shelter.  This is an excellent way to complement a dog themed bedroom for you boy.