Dr. Seuss will likely be a part of every child's life, and it can be a part of your child's nursery. Decorating a nursery is always easier when you have a theme. Having a theme for your baby's room also makes it easier for people to buy the baby gifts. Make sure to cover all your bases when giving your nursery a Dr. Seuss theme. Dr. Seuss themed nursery is largely gender neutral, making it great for parents who aren't finding out the sex of their baby.


There is a great deal of Dr. Seuss bedding available for your crib. Pottery Barn Kids has great Seuss bedding that isn't too 'busy' so it won't seem to clutter the crib. The crib sheets often feature the most popular Seuss characters and can also be purchased in more basic patterns. There is also themed crib bedding that features the ABCs and 123s.

Wall Hangings

This is the most fun part of decorating a baby's room: the walls. It doesn't matter what color your walls are, there are definitely Seussical images that will match any color scheme. For the wall hangings, the best places to look are Ebay and Etsy. On Ebay you have parents getting rid of Seuss themed items from when their kids were younger. On Etsy you have handmade creations featuring popular characters or phrases from the books. Check out those two places before you hit up the actual retail outlets.

Fabric Wall Hangings

One very cheap and easy way to get a Seuss theme on your nursery walls is to create a fabric wall hanging. Most fabric stores offer themed fabrics for very cheap. Simply determine what size you wish to have and get that much cut at the fabric store. In order to make it look great on the walls you can do one of two things.

  1. Frame the fabric. It is as simple as that. Frames can be found in all shapes and sizes and fabric prints can look great when you just put them in a frame.
  2. Border the fabric. Find a nice, solid color to stitch around your fabric. This will create a visually appealing 'fabric frame'.

Wall Appliques

The wall appliques are best bought new. Their 'staying power' lessens with time so check Amazon for the cheapest new sets of Seuss wall stickers. These are great for parents because they can be moved at any time without leaving residue or holes in the walls. When the baby grows up you can allow them to place the wall appliques wherever they want, allowing them a personal touch for their own room.

Dr. Seuss Shelf Items

There are figurines and bookends that will look great in a Dr. Seuss baby's room. Make sure that the items are not too heavy. If the figurines are not safe for little hands just make sure they are up and out of reach.


If your room is already decked out, adding themed curtains might be overkill. Try and find curtain colors that don't exactly match but compliment the other Seuss colors in the bedroom. Be sure to add a darker layer to the curtains to ensure sunlight will not disrupt early sleep cycles.

Stuffed Animals

The great thing about stuffed animals is that they can go anywhere: on a bookshelf, in a bookcase, in the Pack and Play, on the changing table. These are the best items for others to buy for you. When people ask, "What can I get the baby?" Simply tell them that you have a Seuss themed nursery and you need some stuffed animals to decorate (and to use as toys).

If you are going to theme your baby's room, be sure to address all the different components of the room listed above. Good luck finding the best Dr. Seuss themed items for your baby's room.

Dr. Seuss Nursery Items
Credit: CraftyGoat