Whats Google Adsense?

 To get started I'll tell what google Adsense is. Google Adsense is a program for online web builders and people who would like to earn money online. Google Adsense works by making money from ads. If you have a website or YouTube videos you can apply for Adsense and monetize your videos. Once you have been selected and qualified for Adsense you can put Adsense on your videos or website. Certain offers are also available like Adsense for games or mobile. 

  Adsense places ads on your videos or your websites, and when someone clicks on the ad you get 50% of revenue share. Adsense may be used in all kinds of websites, but do not put copyrighted content on your video or website or you will get in big trouble by Adsense. Ads are put in locations that you can choose for your website so chose wisely. New features are also very exiting, and have more options for you to make money such as Adsense for mobile, gaming, writing programs etc.

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How to apply for adsense

 Applying for Adsense is not hard at all. To apply you can visit the Adsense website and they will guide you on from there you'll just have to put some basic information, and payment methods etc. If you post original YouTube videos then you can go to the video manager and it will say MONETIZE YOUR ACCOUNT or something like that in a green banner. Click that, and it will take you all they way through Adsense. Then you can monetize your videos once your approved.

Using Adsense for content

 Once you are approved by Adsense then you can start to use it. It's really great once you start to use it, and you have to remember your publisher ID for Adsense its required for money-making websites. If you have a website, or are building one when you are making it look at the tools there will be one saying something about Adsense or revenue. You will need a code for the website which you will probably have to get from your Adsense account. You can also do the same for your videos, and earn money. When you are placing your ads decide where to put them carefully , and where viewers can see them.