Creating a list of life goals for yourself is important however, it is even more important to set it up correctly.  Although you can easily jot down notes, it may be hard for you to read it years after you write it.  Adhere to these easy to follow steps to create a bucket list for yourself.


When setting up a bucket list you first will want to make separate categories to put your lists in.  Create categories like travel goals, education goals, family goals, hobby goals, etc.  Think about places you want to travel, people you want to meet and things you want to accomplish.  It is helpful to put each category on a separate piece of paper in case you want to add to them.


Next you will want to think of things to add onto your bucket lists and place them in the correct categories.  For an example, you can write “quit smoking” under your health category and “learn CPR” under your education category.  You may want to write “have a baby” and “get married under your family category while you have “visit Paris” on your places to travel.  Separating each goal and dream into different categories will make your lists less confusing.


Now you will want to write a date or time to achieve your goal on your bucket list.  You may want to learn CPR before you have a baby or go sky diving before you get married.  Setting goals will help you stay motivated to complete your bucket list during your life time.  Placing each goal in an order as much as you can will help.


Having a bucket list is a great way to motivate yourself to achieve your goals and dreams.  If you aren’t currently working, now is the best time to work on your bucket list.  Instead of sitting at home all day you can cross off many things on your bucket list each day.  Once you have written your bucket list, don’t feel like you can’t add anything else to it.  The more you add the more fun you will have and the more you will have accomplished.  Keep your lists safe in a notebook or folder to avoid the papers getting bent or ruined.  Below are the most common things a person wants to do during their lifetime.


-Open a business

-Learn how to drive a stick shift vehicle

-Purchase a house

-Have a baby

-Get a college degree - specifically earn a master’s degree

-Learn a new language

-Coach a sports team

-Achieve a world record

-Run a marathon

-Lear how to cook

-Get married

-Buy your dream car

-Travel to all 50 states

-Travel to a different country

-Learn how to play a musical instrument.

-Get a Tattoo

-Go to a professional sports game

-Watch the ball drop in New York City on New Years

-Go sky diving

-Learn how to fly

-Go rock climbing

-Write and publish your own book

-Pay off debt


Chasing your dreams is an important way to live a happy life.