Mario Kart

Most little boys, even little girls love Mario Kart.  Throwing a Mario Kart themed party can become a little challenging.  Very few websites offer party supplies.  If you are willing to get creative, you can throw a great Mario Kart birthday.

Starting with the decorations, you can search the web and find plates, cups, and napkins with Mario kart on them, but if you want to save a little money. You can buy black and white checkered supplies or red and green for Mario and Luigi.  You can also purchase a Mario Kart tablecloth online or again, a checkered or red one.  Use red and green plastic ware from your local retail store. You can also purchase a Mario Kart mylar balloon online.  Purchase  red and green latex balloons.  
For the centerpieces, do an image search for Mario kart and print your favorite pictures on cardstock.  Cut a small slit in the bottom of the picture and cut a strip of cardstock from a blank page  and place where you cut the slit.  Buy gold chocolate coins and place them around the table.

Food:Bake your child’s favorite batch of cookies. Roll out the dough and use star and mushroom shaped cookie cutters to make Mario power up cookies.  Add yellow frosting to the star. Add black frosting for the eyes.  Add red frosting to the top of the mushroom.  Make white half circles on either side of the top of the mushroom and a white whole circle in the middle of the top of the mushroom.  Add black eyes on the bottom portion of the mushroom.  

Use green punch and pour in a punch bowl.  Make of batch of red jell-o.  Immediately add jell-o to Easter eggs. Cool in the fridge until jell-o is firm. Take jell-o out of the eggs and put into the punch. You now have Yoshi punch.  

Games and Activities:Do an image search for Mario. Print the picture onto Cardstock.  Make sure the image clearly shows his hat.  Cut the image off the cardstock and then cut his hat off.  The kids can then play pin the hat on Mario.   Do an image search for Mario Kart coloring pages and print out a bunch.  Lay out markers and crayons for the kids to color during the party.  
Party Favors:You can buy Mario Kart favor boxes online as well as many Mario kart goodie bag fillers for very reasonable.  Add a coloring sheet that you printed and some of the gold coins to the goodie bags for a great end to the Mario Kart party.