Niche Writing is the Best Way to Brand Yourself and Make Money Online

Creating a niche and earning money writing about it will help you in your goal of creating residual income. 
If you are a writer on any online site, be it your own website or a revenue sharing site like Info Barrel, you are doing this with the hope of making some additional income.  Perhaps you dream about writing being your primary source of revenue so you can quit your day job or earn enough to stay at home with your children.

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One way to earn money writing online is to create your own niche.  A niche is a very specialized interest.  By writing articles in one very specific area and becoming an “expert”,  you have the potential to rank well on Google and earn money, even without using search engine optimization.  This is especially true if your niche is one where there is very little quality information.

How To Find a Niche and Earn Money Writing About It

One of the easiest ways to find a niche is to see what interests you or where you have a need.  Think about the last time you did an internet search in your area of interest.  If you were looking for that information, there is a strong likelihood someone else was, too!

Go to your favorite keyword tool and do a search on your hobby, sport or area of expertise.  Put in several phrases.  You may be surprised at the results!

This should go without saying, but it is important to write about an area of interest that you enjoy, because if you do not, you will not stick with it.  You cannot earn money creating a niche website if you are not passionate about the topic.  Why would you want to?  Even if it is the highest cost per click topic, if you cannot stand to write about it, you won’t.  Or you might wind up outsourcing your topic and have results that are not what you desire.

Moreover, when you are well versed in a niche, it comes across in your writing.  Conversely, if you do not know much about the topic, and someone who is more knowledgeable reads it, that person may not want to read anything else you have composed.  His or her impression of your writing is not going to be a positive one.

How a Low Paying Niche Can Still Earn You Money 


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Suppose you are passionate about a topic, but the competition for advertisers is low or the cost per click is low.  Yet, it is possible to get a high amount of traffic to your site. Should you abandon ship and spend time creating a niche blog or website that may be more profitable for you?

In my opinion, the answer is no.

This may be against what others might think, but I will go back to my original argument that you will not stick with a higher paying niche if it does not interest you.  That is not to say that you shouldn’t write articles or create a niche website in higher paying areas.  What I am suggesting is that you can still have your own low paying niche blog simply for the enjoyment of it and try to earn from it in other ways.

You can monetize a low paying niche site with other avenues of revenue, like affiliate marketing. Amazon, Commission Junction and Linkshare are just a few.  Adsense may only pay a few cents per click, but you can earn a nice chunk of change with commissions.  Write relevant blog posts about items on which you can earn a commission, and watch your earnings climb.

Another way your niche blog or websitecan earn you money is by writing about it on other platforms.  Info Barrel gives you up to 90% revenue share if you write 31 one more points and write five articles for the monthly features.  Writing niche articles here that can link to your website, gives your site more authority and allows you to earn more money from your articles.  Your earnings jump when you write the required amount of points.

Over eight years ago, I started my niche blog about being a Girl Scout leader.  I was frustrated by the lack of information on how to run a meeting, ideas for earning Daisy petals, and the lack of resources out there on the web.  At my leader meetings, I sensed the same frustration.  Fortunately for me, I am a teacher, so I was able to figure out to run my Girl Scout meetings and create lesson plans for them.

I decided to share what I did by creating my niche website.  I linked my Info Barrel articles, as well as other articles on other platforms. I now have five niche websites on this topic that I can interlink.

I have published a book for Daisy Girl Scout leaders on Kindle, and have several others planned. This is another way to earn from my niche. 

Overall, creating a niche and earning money from it should be pleasurable.  In the long run, you will profit in more ways than one.