What is Passive Income

Learn what passive income is

Passive Income is very important if you wish to make real money through your articles; content etc... as a writer. Quite surprisingly to some, this also includes Freelance Writers.

Firstly, let's start with an example of Passive Income:

Say, I published an article based on Blogging, when I write my article obviously I'd want to include some certain keywords, such as Blogging, Bloggers and Blog. Maybe even include some such as Marketing, Promoting and blog related items such as Comments and Discussion.

When I go to fill-in the keyword box, it's important to remember those important keywords, they will help you a lot.

They allow people to search for your article and content, without them it is very hard sometimes even impossible. It helps both SEO, Ranking and getting you general views from the site it is published on.

People searching for your article and content via these keywords will not always be repeat visitors, someone could use the same keywords in 1-2 years time and still find your article and content, allowing you to continue earning.

This is what Passive Income is, earning money even though your article and content are, as I say over 3 months old.

Choosing Your Important Keywords

Finding out what your keywords are

When writing an article as explained in the section about What Passive Income is, we explained that keywords are extremely important words based around your article, that are also available to readers within your article.

Numerous amounts of people for whatever reason, find choosing their keywords difficult. This I cannot understand.

Some easy ways to pick out your important keywords are by;

  • Looking at the topic your writing about, enter that and similar words as separate keywords.
  • Look at the content you've written, pick out what you believe is important
  • Use search engines and search for the topic your writing about, see what other words you can find to place as your important keywords.

That's how easy it is! It's that simple, just looking, reading and searching is all that's required. If you cannot do something as basic as that then you can easily forget earning any passive income.

Steps to Getting Your First Passive Income Article

So far you've learnt what passive income is and how important words called "keywords" can help generate you passive income.

Now, let's move on to actually helping you earn some passive income.

The topic you write about is ever so important to how much (if any) passive income you earn. For example Gaming is a very popular topic in search engines all the time, so picking that as a topic is likely to get lots of views and readers in the future, therefore earning you some passive income.

However, picking a topic such as "Today's Weather" or something about what's happened in your personal life, is not likely to get you much passive income (if any) because people don't search for those kinds of topics 3 months in the future and they certainly don't search for them 1-2 years in the future, whereas Gaming and Health they do.

Another thing that can help is backlinks. Backlinks are cute little things. You may ask yourself, what are backlinks? Well, they are links to your published articles and content. For example, say I'm a Member of a Forum, in my signature I place a link to one or some of my articles, this is backlink.

Backlinks can generate you visitors as well as get your Search Engine Ranking higher. Allowing you to get more organic, non-referred traffic.

Though, it's important that the website you place your link on is, not spammy, provides quality content and ranks higher than your article on Google. If it does not match those, don't place your link on there, because it will only hurt your article more than you would think.