Congratulations on adopting a cat! Hopefully you are reading this before you have brought him home, but even if he is already in your house, there are some preparations you need to do to make sure that both you and the cat are as comfortable as possible during this transition period. 

Remember, if you are getting a kitten, he will likely eat almost anything off of the floor, and will be happy to tear at your furniture. With this in mind, you will probably want to do a thorough cleanup of your home and buy the cat a scratching post before bringing him home. Make the post attractive with a bit of catnip and a toy. Once they get used to scratching that, you will not have to worry about them scratching your furniture. 

Go into the bathroom and make sure that all of your medicines are away. Cats are very curious and would be willing to test out your medicine given the chance. Also, try to get into the habit of leaving the toilet lid down. Cats like to drink the water from the toilet and there is a possibility of them falling in and drowning. 

Check your windows. Cats love to spend time sitting in the window and looking outside, or chatting at birds. Make sure that your screens are intact so that the cat cannot fall out of the windows. Also tie back blind cords as these pose a choking hazard. 

Think about securing kitchen and bathroom cabinets with baby locks. Cats love small spaces and therefore, love to hide in the cabinet. You will especially want to lock anything with poisonous chemicals in it. 

Another thing you need to be very careful with is any houseplants you may have. Cats love to chew on plants and many of them are quite toxic to them. These poisonous plants include, but are not limited to: mistletoe, azalea, iris and hydrangea. If you have plants in your home, make sure to find out whether they are poisonous to cats before bringing your cat home. 

Try not to light candles or have a fire running where the cat will be unsupervised. Cats can become enchanted by fire and may try to 'catch' the flame. Many cats have burnt their paws by doing so. 

Be very careful when decorating for the holidays. Cats love to try to climb Christmas trees and eat tinsel. They may even try to open presents!