Getting Your Baby on a Routine For Sleeping

Having a new baby is very exciting, but can also be extremely exhausting.  Creating a sleep routine for them at a young age is a really good idea.  When babies are first born they like to sleep all day long.  It seems that is the only thing that they do.  They will wake up to eat if you are lucky and that is it.  There are some newborns out there that have problems waking up even to eat.  It can sometimes take a lot of effort to wake up a newborn.  It's hard on the mom because nobody wants to wake a peaceful baby.  

After the first few weeks of birth you will want to start with your schedule.  It isn't a big deal at the very beginning because mom is healing from birth and will probably want to sleep throughout the day when the baby is asleep.  Changing this after the few weeks after birth is important otherwise mom will never sleep.

At a month old it is normal for the baby to take an average of three naps a day.  As they get older, around 2-3 months, they should only be sleeping about 4-6 hours during the day.  It is common for them to take a nap in the morning and then a nap in the evening.  

It is up to you when you want to put the baby down to sleep at night.  Some parents like to put their baby to bed at 7 p.m. while others don't put theirs to bed until 10 p.m.  Keep in mind that just because you keep your baby up longer, doesn't mean they will sleep longer or better.  There is such a thing as being overtired.  When a baby is overtired, they don't get a good night of sleep that they should.

If you want to create a pattern or a routine for your infant, that will help them ease them into bedtime.  Some parents like to bath their child every night to help them understand that bedtime is going to be soon.  Other parents love to rub lavender oil or lavender lotion on their baby's skin.  Lavender is a naturally soothing essential oil that helps people relax or fall asleep.

Getting into the habit of reading them a book is a great idea as well.  Even though they can't quite understand what is happening in the book right now, studies show that reading to a child at any age is a great way to help their minds grow.

Putting on some jazz music is a wonderful tool as well.

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