Country bathroom accessories give you the opportunity to totally redo your room without breaking the bank. This way you can change out your style whenever you want. Plus, your home will probably have better resale value than if you want all out country on things like the bathtub and tile. Here are some tips for buying country bathroom accessories or just reusing what you already have in your home in a new way.

Stay away from the cutesy, small items. This could be anything from outhouse wallpaper or lots of tiny decorative signs. Instead, get your point across with one big focal piece. It doesn't have to be made specifically for a bathroom. Try putting one of those large rusty barn stars on the wall instead of traditional artwork.

Match things up in your own way. This will make sure that you have a unique style and will help you avoid clichés. This can be as simple as mixing and matching hand towels instead of buying a set. Bring in country reds, blues, yellows and greens. Include a striped or checked towel that will tie in all the other colors.

You can also take a more subtle approach to country accessories. You could just go with a faucet that looks like it came from a farm house sink. Skip the typical rooster designs and cutesy stencils and really develop a style. There are also different genres of country designs like: farmhouse, shabby chic, and cottage.

Keep it elegant and practical. It's really easy to go overboard with accessories in country decorating. This is especially unfortunate in a bathroom because it just starts to seem a little bit kitschy and cluttered. Instead, just look for better versions of the items you already have. You could upgrade your waste basket by using a dark wicker basket. This will keep the look from being predictable and also give your design sense some durability and an air of timelessness.

Have fun with it. Well have restrained fun with it. You can add whimsical elements; just make sure that they are part of a larger elegant design. This can be as simple as using a flowered shower curtain or one with large faux silk blocks that mimics a quilt. Then bring in other more elegant touches like an oil rubbed bronze soap dish. This will change the way that other people think about country design.

The overall finishes in a country bathroom should be rustic looking. You might want to change out your faucets, towel holders and toilet paper holders. Oil rubbed bronze can either look modern or rustic depending on the overall design. Small changes will make a big impact.