vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas? Vintage clothing is still hot and mid-century modern furniture and real estate continue to strain pocketbooks. There are television shows like Mad Men that have helped get a whole new generation interested in the 50s and 60s culture and lifestyle. This inevitably leads to people becoming interested in creating a vintage Christmas holiday. The theme is easy and surprisingly affordable. If real vintage can't be found then there are many companies producing retro Christmas items that can provide roughly the same feel as a vintage Christmas at a fraction of the cost.

Aluminum Christmas trees

Probably the most iconic of images that people associate with creating a vintage Christmas theme. The classic pom pom branches and minimalist design work well in many ranch houses, urban lofts and industrial spaces. Many of these trees have become collector's items, but there are companies manufacturing them currently, too. The use of a color wheel with the aluminum Christmas tree, while not absolutely necessary, does a great deal to enhance the beauty of the branches and provides a cheery warm glow during the holiday season.

Vintage Christmas cards

The wonderful Christmas sentiments of years past make a great way to express your vintage roots and make interesting displays too. The themes range from cute and sweet to architect designed imagery that evokes an abstract idea of the holiday season. Online auction houses and local flea markets are great places to find old Christmas cards. They can often be found as old store stock (i.e. brand new). Even used ones are great since they can be scanned and with a bit of digital fixing the old signatures can be removed, blemishes corrected and they can be personalized and printed fresh for you. If finding these cards prove difficult, there are companies that reissue old designs or create new ones with a mid-century feel. They are very affordable and easily found.

Vintage Christmas ornaments

What Christmas would be complete without a nice range of vintage Christmas ornaments? These colorful glass globes can be plain or jazzed up with stars, stripes, patterns and more. Many vintage Christmas ornaments have great shapes beyond just spherical. This is one of the best ways to let your individual personality shine through. Vintage Christmas ornaments are very affordable and easily found at yard sales and thrift stores.

Vintage Christmas wrapping paper

Packages look great under a tree. Old store stock can be found at online auctions. This is the best way to get a clean roll of old wrapping paper. This is still hard to find, though, so many people opt for new paper with a retro flare. The use of traditional paper will make for a great impact especially if you also use vintage gift tags which are affordable and easy to find.

Other vintage Christmas items

The sky is the limit: vintage tree skirts, vintage Christmas aprons for the hostess, vintage stockings for the fireplace mantle, vintage Christmas lights, vintage snacks and meals prepared from old holiday cookbooks, vintage Christmas programs to watch and music to listen to, and vintage toys to display around the tree are just some of the ways that creating a vintage Christmas can be accomplished. Many people shop online and most things can be found at places like Vintage Christmas Store. A vintage themed holiday can be as complicated or as simple as you wish. The only limitations are time, your imagination and, perhaps, your budget!

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