Leopard Gecko Exploring

Leopard gecko's are very curious creatures that need exercise, and places to explore. This keeps them happy, healthy and energetic. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by creating a designated play area (separate from his home) and fill it with toys, and puzzles that he can use to get out his energy. The following video is an early example of what my wife and I put together for our gecko.

What you will need to create a playground for your leopard gecko

The essentials:

  • A box or set of boxes that you can re-purpose
  • Some type of felt or fabric
  • Tape

My wife and I started out with one shipping box that we found lying around, but quickly realized he would need more room to explore. As a result we added a second box and connected them with felt for him to climb over the walls, and a cup for a tunnel that he could walk through.

From the video above, you can see we made it a multilevel space, so he had plenty of high places to climb, as well small caves for him to hide in. Creating additional levels to his play area also kept his playground compact, so it could easily be put away if company was coming over.

Felt was used as the main material that lined the cardboard. This was used because of two big reasons.

  1. It was soft, and covered any sharp edges the cardboard boxes had
  2. It was inexpensive, and could be replaced should it become dirty

Lastly, tape was used to bind everything together primarily because using glue meant there would be fumes associated with it, and staples meant his belly could be poked by something sharp.

Tips & Tricks for Construction

Over the last few weeks, we have needed to make several changes/updates to our leo's new playground. A lot of this has been as a result of trial and error.

  • Make sure whatever ramps/other installations included can be removed (in case they become dirty)
  • Do not incorporate felt/fabric to the outside walls of the play area (leopard gecko's love to climb and will escape for further exploration)
  • Select fabrics and other materials which will be soft to the touch, yet come with enough grip that they can grasp it with their claws
  • Make sure that whatever caves or other small areas you put him in are easily reachable for when you need to put your leopard gecko back in his cage.


The Fun Stuff

Finally, what toys should you include as part of your leopard gecko's new playground? Leopard gecko's love to crawl in small spaces, as well as climb over objects. As a result, you can include things found around your house, such as empty paper towel rolls, or a mashed up towel.

The other option is to go with a theme, and purchase additional accessories. One such fun theme is jungle, and including fake plants and other objects to let your pet explore.

Thoughts or comments? What other ways have you given your leopard gecko exercise? Any ideas on new additions or expansions to our leopard gecko's play area? Put your comments and suggestions below.


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