This infobarrel page will teach you how to set up a sample expense report in a short amount of time that you can use to print out and fill in, or to simply email it. This can also be a good guide to the google documents if you've never used it before.

Things You Will Need

Internet access and a google account, or a program that can process spreadsheets documents such as microsoft excel

10-15 minutes of your time

Step 1

startingreport We'll start by opening up your software, if you dont' have any you can use the free office tools provided by google which i willl be demoing. Simply go to your gmail account and scan the top for documents, it'll open in a new window, following which you look for a "new" button

Step 2

selectingexpense After clicking on it, you'll see a dropdown table, for today, we'll use the spreadsheet function in google docs, click on "spreadsheet"

Step 3


To fill it in, simply click on the boxes and type things inside

You can use the tab to move to the next cel (box) or use arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate

Usually you'll want certain details on your spreadsheet, such as the name and purpose, you can fill it up easily by clicking the boxes there. If the text is too big the program will automatically accomodate it.

Step 4

fillingexpenses here, you can easily put in the categories and items you will have in mind when someone fills in these forms. For example a travel expense form would have perhaps petrol and distance covered inside these areas

Step 5

formulareport The most important part however, is that you want to be able to sum up all the individual cost components into one big lump sum, to do that, click on the cel which you want the whole figures to appear, and then look for the E as shown in the image here and select "Sum"

Step 6

Following which, you (using the mouse) select the areas that you want to count inside the cel, the program will automatically do the math for you

Step 7

successsampleexpensereport Finally, you'll be able to end up with a spreadsheet that looks like this

Here you have it,

a sample expense report ready and good to go for anything you might wish to use it for

(for some ideas, you might want to look at the following ways you can analyse different sample reports)

Tips & Warnings

Remember to save your documents frequently, or you'll lose all your hard work in a power shortage