In order for businesses to set themselves apart from competitors and perform well, a positive image/brand must be developed for customers to see, recognize, and respect. In order to create this positive image, it all starts from the ground up, particularly with the employees, website, and marketing tactics. Here are some ways to enhance your businesses image:

  • Hiring employees that align with your company’s personality, goals and vision is one of the best ways to create an office that positively reflects your business. Your employees are the face of your company.  They are primarily who your customers will interact with on a regular basis and they will either keep people coming back, or drive them away.  So choose wisely.  During the interview process, it is important to make sure that your employees will fit in with the company both in personality and work ethic.  By having a group of employees that get along and enjoy working, you will find that the office atmosphere is an uplifting one that will in turn translate to their customer service.
  • When it comes to your business’ website, business cards, flyers, and pamphlets, it is important that they are professional looking and portray your business in an accurate and positive light.  While they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, they should be simple, yet of good quality.  They should also give people a clear idea of what type of company you are and what services you offer.  If you are handing out mediocre paraphernalia your potential customers may think you’re a mediocre company.
  • When your customers walk into your business, it is important that what they see is a positive reflection of your business.  In addition to being professional looking and clean, it should be inviting to your customers.  If you have a virtual office, this can be a little bit more difficult to do, but not impossible.  Most virtual offices work via a shared workspace that employees and customers can interact on.  This workspace needs to be professional looking, easy to access and navigate and an accurate representation of your business. 
  • Marketing tactics can be a great way to set the mood of your business.  For example, if you are looking to brand yourself as the cool company that is always on the edge of something awesome then you might consider having promotional giveaways where for every referral someone brings you, there name is entered into a drawing for the latest must-have electronic gadget. Monthly lunch gatherings, online social networking, holiday events, etc. are also great ways to keep things fresh and bring in new customers.
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