Christmas wedding favors can seem like a lot of pressure. You already have enough people to buy presents for and now you are supposed to find one for all of your guests? This can seem quite overwhelming and expensive but favors are the traditional way to thank your friends and family for sharing in the big day. It's just a matter of incorporating traditions and themes into your big day.

A lot of times favors just go unused or uncared for. You could have a lot of fun by giving your guests a small piece of decor that they can use in their own Christmas decorations. This way they'll think of you when they look at it but it just will be a small item that they can fit into their home decor. This could be something as simple as a small silver bell with a cute saying on it that they can hang on the tree. You can also try hand painting glass ornaments in your wedding colors. This gives a heartfelt touch to your big day and shows your guests that you do really appreciate them.

Food is always a popular wedding favor. Instead of jordan almonds which can be quite traditional mix it up. Another option would be a hot chocolate mix in a cute fabric bag. Darker chocolate items like truffles or mint candy will seem a lot more holiday oriented. The great thing about food wedding favors is that they are inexpensive and you can be sure that your guests will actually use them.

Pick a theme for your favor. This is really where the sense of whimsy and fun can come into your wedding. You could give your guests wrapped cookies that look like snowflakes or candy canes. Change things up by using your wedding colors even if they are chocolate brown or pink. Since food is traditional for favors and sugar cookies are traditional for the holidays it's the perfect marriage. You might want to have ea more elegant wedding that doesn't scream Christmas. In this case just bringing in a holiday themed gift for your guests can really acknowledge the day and be your opportunity to have a lot of fun with a more subtle theme.

If you do go with a traditional Christmas item make the color all your own. You can find ornaments in a variety of colors. Even if you were using a basic green color palette the kind of green you choose can really set the tone for the event. A pastel green can incorporate more of a fresh and spring time feel. Look for an olive green and pair it with gold for an elegant look. If you'd like a fun, youthful and modern air then go with a brighter green like lime.

Think outside of traditional wedding favors. This assures that you give your guests something unique. In some neighborhoods it's traditional to give small gifts to all of your neighbors for the holidays. These include homemade treats, cookies, candles, decorations, and fruit and nut bags or cookie cutters and mixes. You could put a wedding spin on any of these items just by using the color of your wedding and upgrading the packaging a little bit so it's more appropriate for a wedding.