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Success Journal

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I remember when I started my career in sales. It was overwhelming to think of all the pressure I had on me to succeed. I was the sole support for my small family and it was a do or die situation. Anyone who has ever tried sales knows that until you find your footing, it is a hard uphill grind. During the darker times I found myself doubting if I could make it. At my lowest point I decided that what I needed was a source of inspiration. I read countless books on sales by the best in the business, and while that was helpful, I never found exactly what I was looking for. The reason was that each of us is different and we each travel a unique path toward our goals. What I needed was to create my own source of inspiration. I started a success journal.

I took a gift card that I had been given for Christmas one year and marched into the local bookstore and bought a nice leather-bound journal. I bought the best I could afford, because I planned on keeping it for a long time. I started off by sifting through the countless sales books I had purchased over the years and writing down the quotes from each that really stood out to me. I filled several pages with the various inspirations that I had found. I then started to add pages of goals. I started with a list of things like: Make ten more client calls this week than last. Get into the office an hour earlier two days a week and stay later one day per week. As I completed each goal I went back and crossed it out. If I didn't achieve that particular goal I would move it to the next week's page.

By doing this simple act I was making myself more accountable. It is so easy to say you will do something, but life happens and we get sidetracked. Soon we forget and the goal is just another dim memory. By committing the goals to paper (expensive paper) I was more likely to follow through.

Eventually I moved up to monthly goals and then even a section on long-term goals of five years or more. In between these pages I would continue to write in quotes that I found along the way that spurred me to act. On the bad days I would go back through the pages and read the quotes and see all the goals that I had marked off and accomplished. This would motivate me to get up, dust myself off and jump back into the fight. Without my precious journal to lean on, I don't think I would have made it.

Now I am successful, and my goals are much larger and long-term, but I still go back to my journal and revisit all those pages of struggle, fear and hope. I see that I have come so far and that with determination, anything I put down on the list can happen with enough hard work and determination.

If you want to be a successful person, I urge you to start a success journal right now. Buy a nice leather-bound book and fill those precious, expensive pages with your hopes and dreams. You will eventually know the joy that comes from marking through that goal that you thought was impossible. 

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