We often think that young babies can sleep anywhere, but there are lots of factors that can make it difficult for your baby to sleep without interruption. So, try to make the environment in which he spends his nights as conducive to unbroken sleep as possible.

Outside lights
Early morning sunlight as well as street lights or flashing headlights could disturb your baby. Consider installing a black-out blind at his window or tacking back-out lining fabric behind his existing curtains.

Central heating
If your heating clicks into action at 5.30am every day, it's probably no coincidence that this is when your baby gives you his early morning wake-up call.

Strategy - Try setting the heating to come on a little bit later. If you think your baby will get too cold as a result, leave a small electric heater on a low setting in his room overnight. But make sure that your baby's room is neither too hot nor too cold as a result of this, as babies are unable to regulate their own body temperatures effectively.

Loud noises
Barking dogs, car engines, other family members - there are many sudden noises that might startle your baby awake during his sleep.

Strategy - While you may not be able to control many of these, it could be that repositioning your baby's bed or putting him to sleep in a quieter room will enable him to sleep more soundly. You can also encourage him to become more used to regular household noises by allowing them to go on as normal when he is sleeping: vacuuming outside his bedroom door as he takes a daytime nap should ensure he is less readily disturbed by the noise!

A welcome haven
You also need to make his bedroom somewhere he wants to be.

Strategy - Decorating his nursery in welcoming colors and positioning favorite toys within view of his bed will make it more inviting; if he sleeps in your room, try hanging a mobile over his bed to give him something on which to focus. Playing in your baby's room during the day will provide positive associations that he can carry with him through the night.